Align With Balance

A transformative 10 week program.

  • Enjoy your food.
  • Love your movement.
  • Less overwhelm, more joy.
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At 59, I feel better than I did at 39. Sarah’s unique teaching style incorporates not only yoga practice but also programs for healthy eating, daily, monthly and yearly rhythms, and self awareness. I’ve been learning with Sarah for about 4 years and the results have been miraculous. I’m continually finding new ways to make conscious choices that create personal sustainability in my life. I’ve regained and reclaimed my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Robyn King

Yaak MT

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So… you’re ready to upgrade your health routines?

For many people, consistent self-care became the solution to getting out of their cycles of overwhelm, fatigue and daily stress.

Increased self-care leads to…

  • Having great and restful sleep
  • A more relaxed attitude towards life
  • A desire to exercise more often
  • Clear and inspired thinking
  • Happy fulfilling relationships

We might love working together if you…

  • Are curious & you love learning
  • Want to up-grade your daily food & movement routines
  • Want your body and mind to work well at 80 and beyond
  • Are committed to explore evolving your wellness

Would you like to see if we’re good fit?

Let’s schedule a time to talk about where you’re at now and where you’d like to be. The seeds you plant today become tomorrow’s results.
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Sarah Rusnak has been helping health conscious people upgrade their self-care since 2004. Based on her knowledge of yoga, food and Ayurveda she offers courses that assist you in developing daily habits to expand your overall wellness and joy.