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The Freshest Tomato Soup

The Freshest Tomato Soup

Welcome late summer with your crisp and pleasant weather, this time of inspired thinking where new ideas flood in; I ask that you assist me as I map out these abundant autumn duties with my family, work and harvest season.   Often there’s a harried feel to...

Keep Your Cool When Things Get Hot

  “Health is the effect of a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. Disease is like a ‘tree’ sprouted from unhealthy habits (the roots)” - Dr Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Home Remedies   You have the power to change many of the symptoms of physical/mental/emotional...

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I aim to support you in developing daily habits that help you to feel clear and joyful. We talk food, movement and yoga. Let’s step closer towards fulfillment and balance in this one precious life.