I love my blender, I know, it’s a bit consumeristic to place the value of love on a material object but I value what this little piece of machinery offers me so much. It saves me time, delivers top notch nutrients to my family and me, turns raw veggies into liquid and it makes the creamiest avocado chocolate pudding, oh chocolate… that’s another love story – for a different day.

Talking about food and kitchen know how gets me pretty excited; let me attempt to turn down the faucet as to not spew too much information all at once. Presenting: one creation that comes from blender know how, SMOOTHIES. More specifically, GREEN smoothies.

The green smoothie is a bit of a current food trend. With every food trend there will be those who cheer and those who jeer. Green smoothie might be for you; it might not be for you.


  • It provides large amounts of leafy green veggies in one single serving.

  • My body is mostly liquid, the green smoothie is liquid – so I digest and assimilate the minerals, chlorophyll and fiber quickly and efficiently. Dense foods take more body energy in order to digest them. The body handles these dense foods better midday when the digestive fire is hottest.

  • The green smoothie attunes my palate to crave healthful nutrients for the rest of the day. Conversely if I were to start my day with a different breakfast food trend, like coffee and a muffin, I would continue to crave more quick burning carbs, sugars, caffeine and probably chocolate.

  • I can tweak the recipe to meet my needs on any particular day. Depending on the season and how I want my food to affect me I can put different ingredients in the blender – foods have certain properties that the body reacts to, it’s like the Hippocrates quote “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”



Raw food: Consuming raw vegetables can have it’s benefits and it isn’t always good for everybody. In Ayurveda an abundance of raw veggies can aggravate vata dosha, which can disrupt and slow down the digestive system, leave a persona cold all day and make you feel spacey and un-grounded. Possible smoothie solutions: add ginger or warming spices, use room temperature water and ingredients, add in some cooked sweet potato and never use ice.

Sugar: It’s important to remember that fruits have a lot of sugar in them and depending on your dietary needs, drinking several portions of fruit in one serving may not give you the results you’re looking for. To avoid the blood sugar spike consider using fruits with a lower Glycemic Load such as berries, citrus fruits and peaches. Possible smoothie solutions: make your smoothies with water rather than fruit juices, don’t add extra sweeteners, think to use 1 part fruit to 2 or 3 parts veggies as you concoct your recipes.

Food Combining: Eaten alone fruits breakdown in the digestive tract rather quickly, for this reason they don’t combine well with many other foods that take longer to transit through the body. Consuming a bad combination of foods can result in gas, acid re-flux, mucous and bloating. Possible smoothie solutions: if your digestive system is sensitive keep your smoothie ingredients to fruits/veggies and spice, have a serving of smoothie 15 minutes prior to your main meal which will stimulate your digestive juices to get going and by the time you bring in your heavier foods the fruits and veggies will be well on their way through your digestive system.

The Blender: Not all blenders are created equal – I wouldn’t love just any blender. Though you can make a smoothie with any blender the end result is much more enjoyable when you use a high speed blender such as a Vitamix or a Blendtec. They are an investment but one that you won’t regret plus you’ll find loads of other uses for them!


I hope this was useful in helping you to understand a bit more about how your body works and how certain foods affect you. Why do you drink green smoothies or why would you want to? Do you have a favorite recipe? Leave a comment if you want to share your blender + green know how.

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