Align With Balance

A 12-week live call and online program for 15 committed people. This potent immersion will guide you as you step away from overwhelm and towards the habits that allow you to thrive. You’ll be supported with caring structure, community, education, and accountability. This foundation will assist you in aligning with your deepest desires for a balanced, vibrant life.

Align With Balance

How to: Create a Daily Routine that’s Specifically For You

Dear Working Woman, Mother and anyone who wants to find a balance between helping others and personal care:

Are you someone who knows that you need to prioritize some time for the care of your body, and mostly you know how you should be doing this but you’re not actually making it happen? This is for you.

Or maybe you have, at different times in your life, had solid routines with exercise and preparing good foods that YOUR body loved. You were in a flow, then something shifted, you lost your groove and with it and you’ve lost your motivation to begin again.

Or a slightly different story, maybe you’ve tried lots of different approaches to exercise, yoga, stress reduction, food plans and meditation and none of them ever really worked all that great for you.  You’d be inspired for awhile, you’d see some progress but then life had a hiccup, you lost your momentum and then you lost your desire then lost faith in the plan.

There was a time in my life that I was swamped with overwhelm. I was giving a lot to my clients, my children and my community but I didn’t know how to truly nourish myself, my body and attitude were suffering as a result. Even though I was giving a lot I wasn’t showing up in the way that I wanted to. I was rushed, forgetful and mentally multitasking at all times. My body was giving me signals: aches and pains, digestive discomforts, stress and frustration were pretty much the daily norm. I turned to my yoga practice and my knowledge of food but it wasn’t enough to shift the symptoms.

Several years ago I began to turn it around. I dove in, I studied Ayurveda and nutrition, from there I applied some very basic yet profound habits to my daily living; the results have been life changing and now I’m helping other people to apply these principles to their life too.


This course is designed to help you soothe uncomfortable emotions, improve your sleep, eat better, manage stress and move more; as a result you’ll experience more vibrancy. You’ll be creating routines that you can do every day. No matter how busy you are you can start small and begin to make real changes that you can sustain.


What you will get when you participate:


Clarity in knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Over the 12 weeks you will be coached through 10 body habits that will transform your understanding of which actions you need to take in order to feel your best in your body and mind. You’ll be guided through a step by step program that will help you implement daily routines that support the wellness of every human body. You’ll also be encouraged to work at your own pace so that you can keep a relaxed attitude towards the health evolution you’ll be stepping into.

Discover the core competencies that will alter your life for the better. 

This program is about studying the art of living in-sync with your body’s needs; you will be able to feel the energy, ease and clarity that is a result of lining up with the nature of your body. Each week I’ll guide you through 1 of 10 habits that have their roots in the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Yoga; you’ll be encouraged to apply these actions using tools from behavioral science; I’ll teach you those too. As you apply what you’re learning to the nitty gritty of your daily life, stuff will come up, there will be challenges but not to worry, there will be epiphanies too. We’ll have live calls each week where we can troubleshoot, discuss solutions and offer each other support simply by showing up.

Community support and a shift towards a more balanced way of living.

You can probably relate to the phrase “many hands make light work’. More support = more transformation!

For example, when you go to a yoga class as vs practicing at home, you usually work harder. It’s easier to work harder because you get a hit of inspiration and motivation from being in the group as well as being led by a teacher. During the 12 weeks you’ll be connecting with folks who, just like you, are consciously evolving, this makes it easier to stick with the new habits and not backslide.


The nuts and bolts of the program:



You will have access to 30 to 45 minute weekly lessons, geared towards helping you evolve your habits in real time. These lessons are pre-recorded; you will access the audio on your “member’s hub” that is located on my website. We’ll dig into one habit each week; all 10 or the habits are geared towards helping us get out of our own way so that we can get the deep sleep, better diet, sense of peace, happier body and vibrant energy that you want in your life.


Every week we’ll have a group coaching call that takes us deeper into our lesson while giving you an opportunity to troubleshoot your habit evolution. Sometimes just being able to articulate to another person the challenges that are coming is enough to shift the roadblocks you face when trying to implement new habits. During these coaching sessions my focus is all about helping you and others in your group evolve your habits to the next level. Participants love being able to hear each other’s questions and perspectives of how challenges and flow are showing up in their lives. We learn from each other!


Twice in our 12 week program, once at week #3 and once at week #8 you’ll be invited to have a 30 minute personal coaching call with with me: a short and sweet private session where I’ll show up with my full attention and be as helpful as I possibly can.  You’ll show up and get clear about where you’re at now and what your next small step needs to be. Together we’ll get to the heart of your needs and keep you on track with your goals.


We’ll be connecting over the 12 weeks on our Private Facebook Group. You can also pick up an accountability partner within the course. Community, connectivity, support and habit evolution go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to make changes alone!


Each weekly habit comes with a specific pin-to-fridge tip sheet to help you focus your priorities for the week’s lesson. You can print multiple copies and share with your friends to build a local support field with your family and local peeps. You’ll also get reading materials, activities and accountability tools to track your progress.


Get your hot little hands on a collection of simple, everyday recipes to assist you as you evolve your habits in the kitchen. Expand your knowledge of plants, your ecosystem, kitchen know how and your digestive system. This course is all about strengthening the habits that enable you to nourish yourself on a deep level. You’ll be given introspective worksheets that, when you answer them, will get you to the root of what is keeping you stuck where you’re at. You’ll discover exactly which steps you need to implement in order to move forward so that you can create the results you desire with food, drink and the wellness that is intrinsically linked to how and what you eat.


Through our member’s hub you’ll have access to audio yoga classes and meditations. You’ll need to carve out 10 – 20 minutes of time and a small amount of space, then hit play. I’ll take you through a centering process and poses that will connect you to your breath and mindfulness. In one yoga session you’ll unwind your neck, shoulders and hips and in the other I’ll guide you through some sun salutations and standing poses to get your heart rate and breath moving. Meditations are visualization style with a focus on the 5 elements and self-love.


I designed the platform for this course so that I can work together with people who are located anywhere and so that it accommodates everyone’s schedule. However I like to include some bonus person to person time for people that are willing to save dates and show up live. These additional bonus workshops are announced at the start of each course. 

This is a way to invest in your future body and overall wellness. When it comes to creating better daily habits, 12 weeks is a good chunk of time to invest. However, in reality you and I both know that changing our long term health takes a lot more than having good habits for 12 weeks and then going back to business as usual. This course is about upgrading your habits for a lifetime; the long haul. The 12 weeks are an investment; your future health is pay off.

Your body is your first and final home. When you invest in conscious, mindful aging you’re investing in your future body. This is a program that will help you make real changes in real time. These changes will impact your long term health, wellness and fulfillment. This is one of the safest and smartest investments you can make.

This is a group course with an individual approach. There is a huge benefit to working in a group, it is so hard to make changes on our own. Chances are if you could create sustainable wellness routines on your own you’d already be doing it. In addition to working in a group that’s evolving together I’ll also be guiding you to customize the curriculum to accommodate your unique situation. I’d love to speak with you in order to hear your individual, unique needs and desires.


The next session starts January 29. Fill out the application below and let’s set up a time to talk. I interview everyone who signs up for this course so we can see if we’re a good fit. 

Let’s talk about your unique challenges and desires; I’d love to hear.

  • Open to 15 committed people who are ready to make “health” curious and fun
  • Feel empowered as you create new habits with food, movement and lifestyle
  • Group support and accountability = transformation
  • Change your habits, shift your routines and open up to your potential