It’s your divine birthright.
Haven’t tapped into it yet? You can.
I’ll give you the map and help you to feel encouraged and playful along the way. It’s an inside out job. Shall we?

So, you’re you ready to meet your health goals by listening to your body?

No more pushing, struggling or just giving up. You can get there with ease and flow. Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Daily Routines

Easeful rhythm and routine will soothe your nervous system and transform your life. Establish consistency with food, movement and rejuvenation. 

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Upcoming Events

Grab your calendar, start mapping your yoga and self-care. Planning is paramount, relief is what you feel when you get there.

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free workshop

Start with a 10 minute writing exercise then schedule a complementary 30 minute phone call with me. Get clear on your desires. Start speaking about what you know you can do, it’s powerful!

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Reorient your focus. Align with your wisdom and grace.

Here’s some Yoga and Ayurveda inspired blogs, and recipes too! The key to actualizing your desires is already in your hands. It starts in your body, in your kitchen, in your home. 

Hey there I’m Sarah, Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher and some call me a kitchen goddess.


I help busy, health conscious types like you gather the tools, mindsets and habits you need to feel strong and joyful more often than not.


I know you’re itching to finally firm up your mind/body health routines and get onto living your dynamic (sometimes crazy) life. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your struggles with food, body and “too busy to take care” in your past?

Well my friend, if you’re ready to reclaim ownership over your body and your experience while rediscovering the magic of everyday life, you’ve landed in the right place!

I won’t say this work is easy but I will say that when you break down the steps and keep after it you WILL GET THIS. You’re not alone, I’m here to help you map a plan and take action.

Welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you as a guest.