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Going Deeper with the 10 Habits

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Can I Help You Keep Your Momentum Rolling?

You’ve already invested time, energy and money towards your wellness education. You have a foundational overview of the 10 Ayurveda and Yoga lifestyle habits that will help your body rejuvenate and thrive for many years to come. Now you get to sure up your foundation and master your daily routines.

This 6 month package will help you:

Feel better than ever as you age

Overcome your resistance and step into ease

Know how to listen to your body and find your thrive

Once you step in you’ll be actively creating the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing that you want to have in your daily life. Consider everyone and everything that you care about, the way that you show up impacts them too. How do you want be?
The mind, emotions, body and spirit are intrinsically linked, in a sense they are like 4 different small bodies. Of the 4, your spirit is the most subtle, if the the other 3 bodies are out of balance it’s a struggle to hear and respond to the voice of your spirit (your intuition). In order to walk the path that your spirit dictates you’ll need to hear it and respond with courage. In order to do that your your mind, body and emotions will need to be in a place of ease, balance and calm.

The AWB Mastery Package

This 6 month membership includes everything listed here: 1-1 coaching, AWB group course, semi annual detox and member’s hub materials.


This is the heart of your 6 month journey. This is where you set the stage and own the vision of what success looks like for YOU.


Another trip around the wheel is included in your 6 month package! Every time you repeat this course you learn and grow stronger with like minded peers. Courses start in September January and April.


This is the fuel for your 6 month journey. This is all about you setting aside INTENTIONAL time to stay on course with your wellness roadmap to success.


Audio interviews with myself and select experts in mind-body wellness, nutrition, plant medicine and ayurveda. Listen on your own time for added education and inspiration.


Includes all of the 10 habits audio lessons in one place plus additional materials to dig into.  


Focus in on seasonally specific mind-body maintenance! This is a semi annual Ayurvedic style detox and reset, an online group course. Offered in Autumn or Spring, you get in on one of ‘em.

My aim is to make this continuing education available to everyone so I’ve put together 3 different options for you to continue your dedicated progress. Know your goals and be clear about how much support you would like to have, then choose what’s right for you.

Okay so, why would you want to do this with me?

This is about what YOU want for YOUR health and wellness. My job is to help you get poignantly clear about what that is, to define it, then guide you as you move forward.
Set clear and beautiful intentions for what you desire. Creating succinct written intention is not an easy process, and it takes some time, I’ll make sure you create that time, we’ll have fun getting it done.
Take consistent action to get yourself where you want to be. It’s incredibly hard to do this kind of work alone. With the structure of the two different programs, the guidance of personalized coaching and a group of like minded others — you are much more likely to reach the success you crave.
Sketch out your goals on a timeline. Most of us need time constraints or we won’t take action. The visual map that I’ll help you create will allow you to: state where you want to get to, while also having a reasonable estimation of how long it will take you to get there.
Progress, one small step at a time. Every time we talk over the course of our work together you’ll leave the conversation with another small piece to work on until we meet on the phone again.


Still have some questions and reservations?

Let’s talk.

When you embody the 10 habits on a daily basis you’ll be embodying ease, grace and resilience too. Your continuing work will help you to:

  • Get the 10 habits rock solid – make them habits for a lifetime.
  • Clarify your challenges and obstacles as they come up in real time.
  • Have fun while troubleshooting.
  • Identify the qualities of vata, pitta and kapha in your body.
  • Learn to recognize an imbalance when it’s small.
  • Apply the appropriate Ayurvedic remedies to bring your system into balance.
  • Help yourself first so that you can help others without becoming depleted and fried.
I believe in you, I am here to support and serve you as you move towards your deepest desires. I know the immense value of bringing these habits, this work of Ayurveda and Yoga, into DAILY living. I know because they’ve help me to transform my life for the better.

The love and sense of purpose that I feel for my work and relationships is my guiding light. I want to help you strengthen your guiding light, this method is not a quick fix but with perseverance it works. We can age with grace and beauty. We can own our hard earned wisdom and share it with the world. Namaste