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Do you know what Contact Improvisation is? Contact Improvisation is also known as Contact Improv and abbreviated to CI. 

I had a chance to record an interview style conversation between myself and JP Frank. I know JP from our past when I volunteered for Yoga Behind Bars. After that, I learned that JP was a skilled CI mover when I watched them in a gentle expression of partnered movement while I was taking a CI workshop. I ask JP if they would have this interview with me because I wanted them to tell me and the listener about themself as it relates to their understanding and experience with Contact Improvisation. Additionally, JP is facilitating a CI workshop in Spokane WA on 11/7/2022. I’ll be there! Maybe you’d like to be there too. 

Please note that JP’s pronouns are they/them. For most of the interview I spoke their correct pronouns but near the end I used incorrect pronouns. JP kindly reminded me in a generous way. I am acknowledging that here to avoid further confusion. 

One of my goals with this conversation is that after listening a person would be able to say what Contact Improv is in their own words and they’ll also realize whether or not it sparks their curiosity in a way that makes them want to give Contact Improv a try or even develop it as a movement practice in their life, which by the way is a goal I have for myself.

If you are curious about CI but still apprehensive, this conversation may help you to feel comfortable enough to try it. 

JP Frank (they/them) has been dancing contact improvisation since 2014, and has trained with a diverse group of CI teachers including: Martin Keogh, Paul Singh, Andrew Harwood, Sole Medina, Andrea Scheel, Rosalind Holgate-Smith, Karen Nelson, Cyrus Khambatta, Sergio Palomares, Stu Phillips, Alicia Grayson,  Keith Hennesy and many others.

JP practices CI to recover from the constant navigation of verbal exchange. They revel in how CI rewires our connection to each other, to our own bodies, and to daily movement at large. They facilitate with clarity, creativity and  juicy drops of inquiry all  influenced by a decade of facilitating somatic meditation, trauma-responsive movement trainings, and multiracial community dialogues on power, identity and social change.

You can reach JP at:

If you’d like to attend the Spokane Workshop on 11/7/2022, sign up here.


Contact Improvisation: What is It & Why You Might Like It?

by Sarah Rusnak And JP Frank

If you’d like to watch the video recording you can find it here on YouTube.

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