Desert Hot Springs Movement Retreat

De-Stress and Open Your Heart with Adventure

The Experience

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to give this gift to  yourself… Float down the river, unplugged from the world’s news. The natural world around you is what’s dramatic and ever-changing.

Look up at the stars as the warm fire crackles into the night. You laugh, play, stretch, rest, and bathe your eyes with the beauty of the land. You leave this experience with your cup replenished and a new focus, toward the direction you’d like to grow. This 4-day yoga and river journey is enlivened by amazing landscapes, paired with highly skilled facilitators. No experience is necessary!

The trip is all-inclusive. Once you arrive at the starting location our team will take care of all your needs. Won’t that be a delightful respite for your body, mind, and soul?

Taste and sit with intention during Cacao Ceremony, paired with Mindful Movement and Yoga. Soak in the hot springs. Play on the rocks and desert landscape. Savor delicious and nutritious whole food meals, prepared for you in camp. The gentle structure of the trip will allow you to express gratitude and find beauty. Plan to enliven your goals and refresh your spirit!


The Destination

Las Vegas is home to diverse ecosystems and human dreams. This desert oasis is built up by the prosperity of people but the colors and uniqueness of its geological foundation are pure EARTH and a sight to behold. From Vegas, we’ll travel a short distance to Lake Mead National Recreation Area and enter into the Black Canyon. Truly, this is an incredibly unique place to visit! This canyon was formed over millions of years by volcanic activity. It lies just below the mighty Hoover Dam, where the canyon walls rise nearly 2,000 feet from the river’s edge. The trip begins at the base of Hoover Dam, one of the engineering marvels of the world! This is where the Colorado River meanders through the Black Canyon.

No experience or canoe skills are necessary for this trip. We’ll go through everything you need to know to navigate the canoes. This trip is actually very light in paddling and time in the boat.


February 26 – Arrival in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Welcome to Las Vegas! Sarah and Breakwater staff will meet you at the airport. Your target arrival time is between 1 and 3. (If you decide to drive instead of fly, or you would like to arrive a day or two earlier, that’s fine. We’ll make a plan to meet up later. We’ll travel in our personal group shuttle van to our hotel for the night, in Boulder City.

We will officially kick off your Retreat with a “get grounded and stretch out after travel” session. Also, our welcome dinner which will be at a restaurant in town (with outdoor seating). Your meal is covered, but you need to pick up the cost of your adult beverages.

February 27 and 28 – Hot Springs, Slot Canyons, Natural Steam, Waterfalls, YOGA and more. Oh, my!

Good morning desert Sunshine! We’ll wake up early, load the van, and check out of our Hotel. A short drive will get us to the Hoover Dam where we’ll go through a gear check and get our boats launched. Oh, here we go!

Our greater focus will be on moving through and across the natural landscape, enjoying the geothermal springs, peaceful outdoor yoga sessions, and eating delicious meals while leisurly hanging near the water’s edge.

We’ll make camp the first night at Arizon Springs Beach campsite. On our second night we’ll find a quiet and private spot to set up camp. Here’s more information about this amazing stretch, where the Colorado River meets a desert oasis. 

March 1 – Exiting the Black Canyon

Today we’ll wake up and enjoy our last day of yoga in nature. We’ll finish up with a delicious brunch then pack up to head to our take out spot at Willow Beach.

After take out, we’ll load up in our private group shuttle and drive to the Hoover Dam to have a look at the impressive build. After that, we’ll make our way back to Las Vegas, arriving between 1 – 2 PM. We can drop you off at the airport (a late afternoon flight on Monday is possible).

As we canoe through Black Canyon we’ll stop at a natural sauna cave, numerous hot springs, and slot canyons too. Plan to explore narrows of the rock structure. Plan to see beauty, and maybe wildlife too. Plan to drop into your body, and enjoy being there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost?

The retreat ticket price is $1500 per individual.

The $1500 covers:

  • Transportation to and from the airport and everywhere we travel during the retreat.
  • Our welcome dinner (at a restaurant) on Friday evening. 
  • Your first night of lodging, on Friday, at a hotel. This is for a double occupancy room. If you would like a private room there is an additional $125 cost. 
  • All meals for Saturday and Sunday. Plus, breakfast and lunch on Monday. 
  • All the camping and adventure gear that you’ll need for the trip. 
  • 4+ yoga and mindful movement classes. Plus, additional educational opportunities about anatomy, physical fitness, outdoor adventure, geology, nutrition and cooking. 
  • 2 Mindfulness based guided meditations that include a cacao drinking ceremony. 
  • The security and assurance you get by having highly trained facilitators and backcountry guides plan and orchestrate your trip. 


Q: What additional costs can I expect?

You will need to provide yourself with travel to and from Las Vegas NV. This will be airfare for some, and a roadtrip for others!

You’ll need spending money for any addtional meals that are not included in the retreat. 

Q: What precautions will be taken to ensure we are not transmitting COVID?


Firstly, most of our trip will be outside!

We will be wearing masks in our private shuttle van. And respecting people’s 6′ social distancing space. We are also requesting that when people sign up for the trip they take precautions to reduce their risks of exposure prior to their travel.

Along with standard release forms we will also be sending a COVID questionnaire 2 weeks prior to our trip.

Q: What kinds of foods do you plan to provide for me?

Sarah will work together with Breakwater Expeditions to plan a nourishing, simple, whole foods menu. You can expect mostly organic foods, including: vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, whole grains, high quality cooking oils, and sustainably grown meats and dairy. We’ll eat cooked meals, prepared and served with love. 

On two of the mornings we will enjoy a specially prepared drink, made from ceremonial grade cacao. This will enhance our morning meditation and yoga experience.

We can accomodate special dietary needs!

Meals we’ll be providing for you as follows…

Friday: Dinner at a resaurant

Saturday: Morning beverages (coffee) and Breakfast to go, Big Lunch, and Dinner.

Sunday: Morning beverages and light breakfast, cacao ceremony, big lunch and dinner. 

Monday: Light breakfast, cacao ceremony, big brunch, snacks and leftovers available before you leave us. 

Q: Can I get a private hotel room, and/or my own tent?


If you would like your own hotel room on Monday night there is a $125 extra charge.

We do have single tents available upon request. Otherwise we will sleep 2 people per spacious, high quality tent.

Q: Where will we be going to the bathroom while we are camping?

We will have a backcountry toilet, made from a bucket with a liner and a comfortable seat atop. The toilet will be placed in a private location near camp. Our campsite on the first night will have public facilities. 

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