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Shelley O’Connor

I won’t be going to the yoga…not ready to branch out from Sarah yoga yet…baby steps 🙂
11:30 at my house sounds good, I might make a couple things, we’ll see. Spring meal planning sounds like a GREAT topic! We will miss you Tracy (I enjoyed meeting you at the cooking class).
Yes, my address is officially Sandpoint but I’m a couple miles north of town, off of Bronx Rd. You can either take Hwy. 95 N. out to Bronx Rd. or N. Boyer out past Schweitzer which runs into Bronx also. Either way, turn West on Bronx and follow it till it curves back north (some call this Selle Rd.). Park Lane is about 1/4 mile after you head North. Follow Park Lane to the end, about 1/2 mile and we are on end of culdesac, willow fence out front. Call if you take a wrong turn 208-290-2917.
Hope to see you then 🙂