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Sarah Rusnak

Ladies!! I’m so glad you’re having fun with these!

Shelly… I adore how you keep using language like “learning to love myself” and “making time for me” and “considering what I want instead of what’s best for everyone else”… this is so good. Yes! Keep after it… baby steps. 😉

Okay so here’s my take. I think the most important thing is to begin to recognize and even “feel” the qualities of EACH of the doshas and from that place, begin to identify them when they become “out of balance” in your body.

As far as the seasons… yes, each season is associated with a dosha. Pitta = summer. Vata = Autumn/dry winter. Kapha = wet winter/Spring. Each of the seasons will tend to pull that dosha out of balance within you.

Which ever dosha is your most predominant is also pretty likely to go out of balance for you… especially during the season it’s associated with.

Keep asking questions (to yourself and to each other and to me), keep being interested, overtime all of it will begin to add up and to make good sense. It will become easier to “stay ahead of your tendancies to go out of balance”… this is the goal. The more we stay “in the balance zone” the less exacerbated the symptoms of disease become… so… we prevent disease by managing the doshas.

Does all that make sense?