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      Sarah Rusnak

      Hi Ladies,

      This note is about “how to get started and where to begin” with this Daily Routines 101 course… right here in real time February 6 2019. Just this week we (me and our virtual assistant Buena) got this new, fancy system set up so that I could deliver the course curriculum to you in a way that is straightforward for you the student and also a way that I feel offers step by step process that you can digest and work your way through the topics and learning.

      I also want this course to be a beautiful, easeful and healing process for you. This work has changed me in a way that connects me to the sacred center of my core… it has helped me to peel back the layers of pain, fear and trauma that have kept me in hiding. This work is helping me to have a voice and place in this world that is connected to my heart and sense longing for goodness on this planet and for the wellbeing of all it’s creatures.

      I know that each of you CARE. I know that each of you has a LONGING. I know that each of you are CREATIVE. This work that we are embarking on together is about tending to your sacred physical body and being in right relationship with her, from that place your spirit and wisdom naturally rise. And of course… your “good health” arises too.

      Please remember that some of this self-care work is going to feel counter culture, because it is. We have not been taught to be this loving to our bodies. Because of this and MORE you will experience a resistance to doing this work, that’s just part of it – don’t be lured into thinking that your unique resistance is more legit than anyone else’s. We ALL have resistance (including me) please take a moment to breathe that in. Please take a moment to realize that we are a group of individuals – each of us with our own power, agency and desire. Please take the time to envision our circle of like minded ladies. Please take a moment to realize that each of us has hopes and dreams. Please take a moment to realize not just your own humanity but also your inextricable link to all that is.

      All that being said, please start to make your way through the course materials! Please come to our Zoom meeting this Saturday at 12 noon PST. Please schedule time to do the week one tasks before our Zoom.

      Here’s the link to the Zoom meeting:

      This forum is new to me! I have no idea how it works our if you’ll get this message so I’ll be sending you an email too. If you’re reading this as an email and you haven’t made your way to the member’s hub to check things out please do so ASAP so that you’ll have time to ask me any questions if you can’t figure things out. (I’m feeling like the system is fairly intuitive but I’d like to know how you’re experiencing it and if certainly I’d like to be here to help if you need me.)

      Okay… big love coming at you!

      with care,

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