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      Shelley O’Connor

      Sarah, I really felt like I learned a lot with this video. You covered SO much and helped me to look at gathering/preparing/eating in an easier, healthier light… I think because of the stress of being the one to make food happen for my family for a whole lot of years, I’ve acquired this inborn sense of the chore mentality that goes along with it. I am finding a bit of an ease associated with meal prep lately and it ends up tasting even better!
      I do have a couple questions:
      1. Is Black Bean Pasta a good choice for Paleo? I found some good quality organic brand that was delicious with my garlic scape pesto.
      2. How about making cookies with Almond Flour? I do love the occasional cookie 🙂
      3. You mentioned vegetarian enchiladas…do you use Corn Tortillas or have a type/brand you recommend? I’m not quite sure how good corn is for me although I love foods prepared with cornmeal…and corn torts…and corn chips…and popcorn (try to limit myself)!
      And I really really liked the parts where you said ‘I don’t miss certain foods, I no longer feel deprived”. Were you a cheerleader? You certainly make me want to succeed 🙂
      Thanks Sarah!

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