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      Sarah Rusnak

      Hey is this thing on? Can anybody hear me?


      I’m checking to see if y’all are getting these forum posts. Please reply within the thread to let me know that you see this.

      Here’s the schedule, all Saturdays, all at noon:
      Feb 9 Zoom
      Feb 23 Live meet up in Sandpoint at Embody Studio 823 Main St
      March 2 Zoom
      March 9 Zoom
      March 16 Live meet up (location to be announced)
      March 23 Zoom

      ​I’m excited and so honored to get to spend this kind of time with each of you. Please let me know you got this.


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      Shelley O’Connor

      Sarah I hear you!!! I’ve looked on this site but never found my way to this forum. I don’t think there is a notification telling you there is a post so I just need to make it a point to look! Thank you for your persistence thru the storm. haha

      YES, a yoga session sounds delightful. I go along so well with home practice and then something throws me off and I just don’t get back on that horse right away. Encouragement IS a wonderful thing.
      I’m honored to be a part of this group.


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      Sarah Rusnak

      Shelly, thank you!

      I am right here with you, seeing how this all works.

      I notice that at the bottom of this page there’s a box we can check so that we get emails if there are more replies to this conversation. I just checked the box but hadn’t noticed it before… so I didn’t know that you had replied. Hahaha… I’m getting the hang of this.

      I’m looking forward to our time on Saturday. How’s your “Shelly room” coming along? I think that will help you maintain your practices more consistently. Getting “back on the horse” is key.

      I’m so glad you’re here!


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      Shelley O’Connor

      Hi Sarah,
      I found the box to check so that’s good.
      The Shelley room is a work in progress……lots to process on my way to my very own space set aside for ‘just me’!
      I’m so glad you’re here too Sarah! Looking forward to our meetup tomorrow 🙂

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