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      Sarah Rusnak

      Hello everyone!

      Today is the start of week #3. I scheduled this week with no new information for you to go through, so it’s a good time to get caught up on what we’ve covered so far. Have you used your planner to schedule in some time for the reflective writing exercises or watching videos?

      Please join this conversation if you want to brag about your progress or if you have any questions. (Bragging can be a super sweet way to give ourselves appreciation for the good work we’ve done… I personally have a hard time speaking up about my accomplishments and achievements but it’s a muscle worth strengthening when you’re trying to create new habits.)

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      Shelley O’Connor

      I’m really happy to have this week as a bit of a catch up time! I have not worked on my schedule….that first step in getting started is always the most difficult for me.
      I have taken over one of my daughter’s unused bedrooms as my very own special space with a door that closes out all distractions, which feels great! Now I feel ready to be a better student? ha

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      Sarah Rusnak

      Shelly that’s great! Thanks so much for the update. I love hearing how you ladies are taking small steps in the direction you want to go.

      “location” is one of the 5 habit triggers/cues and it seriously impacts our behaviors… either favorable or unfavorable. If you want to create new behaviors in your life >> create an environment that supports and reminds you to do these behaviors that you want.

      Woot woot!!

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