Dear Person,

Welcome, thank you for being a guest here at my web space home! My sense is that you are a helper, you care about others, you give a lot. My aim is to help you keep offering up your best while simultaneously refilling you own cup too.

I enjoy teaching people how to use their yoga practice as well as their routines with food, exercise, sleep and rest to create resiliency and peace alongside their busy lives.


When we give our mind and body what they need a certain kind of magic opens up, life has more ease and flow, we’re able to share our most creative and dynamic self with the world around us.


Since I can’t offer you coffee, tea or kale chips I’ve made you a few things that you can take into your home from this digital space. Please use these recorded audio yoga sessions and printable tips sheets to bring more restoration and nourishment in to your life. Your body will thank you for it!

With care,


Use this 28 minute yoga practice to bring your energy up up in the morning. Develop a daily routine that allows you to enliven your lungs, tissues and brain with movement and breath each morning. The benefits include avoiding that afternoon slump plus feeling centered, sassy and strong throughout the day.

Morning Yoga – 28 mins

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Evening Yoga

After enjoying and earlier lighter dinner give your mind and body the gift of evening wind down time. Evenings are a great time to move a little more and practice connectivity – to yourself, nature and your loved ones too. Take a walk, garden, a little food prep for tomorrow and/or an evening yoga practice to help you let go of the day and settle back into your body. Enjoy this hour long restorative yoga practice before bed or anytime you need to down regulate your nervous system to relax.

Evening Yoga – 60 mins

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Free Workshop

Start with a 10 minute writing exercise then schedule a complementary 30 minute phone call with me. Get clear on your desires. Start speaking about what you know you can do, it’s powerful!

Tip Sheet

I made you a tip sheet, click the image to print it.

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