Create Space. Plant Seeds. Manifest.

A seasonal ritual to call in the New Year’s life with yoga, journaling, cacao and more!

Use this Imbolc ritual to stir up your mindset and tempt your creativity during this tricky in-between-time of post-holiday and pre-spring, winter!

Plan to:

  • Connect to your body and heart. 
  • Clear space in your mind, home and life. 
  • Enjoy a sensuously delightful serving of cacao.
  • Water the seeds of your becoming.
It’s this time of year again, the depths of winter. Some of us struggle with the length of the cold, dark season. Spring is still 3 months away!
Or is it?
Imbolc (pronounced ‘im’olk’) is one of the 8 seasonal festivals observed by those of us who are curious about ancient pagan traditions. It’s the first of the 3 festivals that represent spring.
As humans we can stimulate playfulness when we project the patterns of nature into our lives, so at this time of year when the cold winter world creeps towards longer days and budding life it’s a natural opportunity to clear your spaces and plant metaphoric seeds that you’d like to harvest in 6 months time.

As the light lengthens, so the cold strengthens
~ a seasonal proverb

For our northern ancestors, when winter stores of food were getting low, Imbolc rituals were used to make merriment. It’s the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Traditionally, the celebration centred around the lighting of fires, healing and fertility. The date is on or near February 2nd.
Since it’s a micro-season of stirring life AS WELL AS continued hibernation, it’s an excellent time to actively tend to inward tasks that have been put-off throughout the year such as decluttering, dusting in the hard to reach corners and making space for the light to shine in.

Clutter is anything that drains energy, gets in the way, distracts from priorities, and/or has no place or use in a person’s mind, home or life.

Flowers and Vase
White Flower
White Flower In A Vase

Here is an overview of our ritual….

 1. Build an altar that represents Imbolc and the 5 elements.

 2. 30 minutes of flow yoga to warm your body, clear your mind and step into sacred space.

 3. Mindfully sip cacao while being guided into a decluttering journal exercise.

 4. Visualize it done! Future-self guided meditation + write your gratitude statement.

 5. Plant (and take home) a pot of Paperwhite bulbs as a symbol of the change you’re manifesting.

 6. Share gratitude with the group.

7. Close the circle and step into the rest of winter, with added inspiration.

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If you’d prefer to get more of the scoop, let me give you the details…

The Altar: As you arrive you’ll help to create an Imbolc themed altar, built with the colors of white, orange and green. The white is symbolic of the blanket of snow that still covers the earth, the orange is for the sun that’s getting closer day by day and the green is for the expectant sprouts beneath the frozen soil that will soon begin to stir.

*Guests are asked to bring a personal item of white, orange or green to add to the altar when they arrive. (You take your item home with you.) The altar will be filled with candles, each person will add their wishes for the new year as we take turns lighting them.

The Yoga: Expect a playful, easeful flow sequence that’s accessible for all bodies. With an emphasis on using your breath to create space you’ll be guided to feel into your body and create a pleasing movement experience for yourself. The warmth and aliveness in your body will set the stage for the rest of the ritual.

The Cacao: Attune to your senses. Sip. Attune again. You’ll receive a warm cacao drink made with 1 oz of Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste, coconut milk, vanilla, and a touch of honey. Cacao is the raw whole food form of chocolate. This velvety drink is plant medicine. It inspires euphoric states in the body. After you sip the Nitric Oxide production in your body increases, relaxing your arteries, which allows for increased blood flow and can help you bring your attention to your heart. Cacao contains Anandamide. Termed “the bliss molecule” it’s associated with improved motivation and increased pleasure.

The Decluttering + Journaling + Meditation: The process of sorting physical, mental or emotional clutter, deciding what to keep and what to let go, offers an opportunity to ask oneself profound questions related to identity, mortality and faith. For example…

If I let go of this object will I be okay? Will I still be me? If I open up space in my life, what then? Will I experience space for something new, or will I just be confronted with meaningless emptiness?

A “sacred” act is a meaningful act, one to be treated with reverence. You can ritualize the act of releasing objects as well as the relationships, roles, and experiences they represent. During our Imbolc ritual you’ll be mindfully clearing clutter. For our journaling, I’ll provide sentence stems and springboard questions to help you get started. Next, I’ll guide you into a meditation where you’ll visualize yourself after the clutter is cleared. Then you’ll write a present tense statement expressing gratitude for having created the shift you are wanting to receive.

The Paperwhites: Paperwhites are a narcissus bulb that grows into a plant with bright greens and white blooms. They have a lovely fragrance. You’ll be provided with all the supplies to plant and take home a group of bulbs that will bloom in 4-6 weeks. Placed on your windowsill, they’ll serve as a gentle reminder for the gifts of decluttering, making space and planting seeds. 

The Community: People have been giving me such positive feedback about the seasonal cacao rituals that I’ve been facilitating. They love the opportunity to be with a small group of community members while doing something intentional, delicious and joyful. Here’s the thing about creating intentions with other people, not only does it make it easier to follow through for ourselves but we learn from each other. Gathering in this way is about giving and receiving!

Two Locations and Dates to Choose From

Saturday, February 5 from 10 AM to 12 PM at Souls Center Studio in Spokane WA.
Saturday, February 5 from 10 AM to 12 PM at Souls Center Studio in Spokane WA.
Sunday, January 30 from 10 AM to 12 PM at Sandpoint Medical Massage Community Space in Sandpoint ID.
Sunday, January 30 from 10 AM to 12 PM at Sandpoint Medical Massage Community Space in Sandpoint ID.

Let’s surround ourselves with the unique vibes of deep winter and earliest spring. Come enjoy these two beautiful, bright spaces along with a curated aesthetic that’s sure to bring you comfort and inspiration. My hope is that this event will breathe some new life into your experience of this dark, cold and cozy micro-season. May the time spent on this day create a stirring in your body and mind. Cheers to the earliest  celebration of spring!

By framing clutter-clearing and space-creating as a transformation ritual you create an opportunity to re-align with your integrity and ideals. This ritual may be exactly what you need if you’re wanting to free up some space within your time, home and body.

Sarah Rusnak - FacilitatorTruth be told, I don’t usually smile this big when I’m journaling but I think I’ll start doing it more often!

Admittedly, I am smitten with the natural world. Inspired by this joyful love I’ve decided to create a ritual for the 8 sabbats within the Wheel of the Year, which is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals inspired by pagan traditions, consisting of the solar events (solstices and equinoxes) and the midpoints between them.

Each ritual will include a serving of ceremonial grade Cacao Criollo, which is an ideal elixir to drink with intention, it stimulates the senses, helps you feel into your heart and drops you into your body. It’s a wonderful pairing for ritual and ceremony.

By having a lively nature-based celebration every six weeks I feel more at peace with time and more connected to my environment. These celebrations are only as rich as they are because of the groups of people who show up and participate!

Thanks so much for reading about Imbolc and this special event, my friend. I hope to see you there! 


If you’d like to strengthen your connections to the subtle seasons of the natural world, Imbolc is a reason to pause. Take a deep breath. Then move forward, with intention.

Won’t you join us for this one of a kind event? It’s sure to assist you in creating space, playfulness and joy!

Choose from one of the two locations and plan to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early. There are 10 tickets available for each location. Reserve your spot today. The cost is $45

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