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How to Eat With Compassion

How to Eat With Compassion

Did you know that the number of bacteria within your gut is approximately 10 times that of all the cells in your body? Amazing, isn’t it? In fact, you have hundreds of different species of bacteria in your gut helping you digest your food. Don’t worry, they are the...

Traditional Kitchari

Traditional Kitchari

This recipe makes a big pot with 4 – 6 servings. Kitchari is well known in the world of Ayurveda, it can be served as an everyday meal or you can use it for cleansing and balancing anytime your gut or body needs a reset.


I’m a Sandpoint Idaho based Yoga Health Coach. Whether distance learning or in person, I help people embody change through radical self-love and intentional habit shifting. 


Since 2004, I have been assisting people to elevate the personal, professional, emotional, and spiritual domain of  their lives. 
I am honored to be in the role of educator, guide, and mentor. In group classes and 1-1 work we use Mindfulness, Yoga, Habit Science, and Ayurveda inspired methodologies. I’ve watched people have great success bringing these wellness tools into their daily lives. And they stick with it. They learn to use them consistently! 
Together we stay curious, troubleshoot, and take small action steps towards the transformation you’re seeking. Everyone has their own unique story, yet we all shift when we: train our mindset, nourish our bodies, and sink into self-care. It changes the way we age. We reveal our potential. Life becomes more easeful and loving. 
xo – Sarah