Autumn Reset

A nourishing detox for body and mind

3 steps to reset your food scene & re-calibrate your routines

Ground your focus into your body and your home. Get cozy in the kitchen. Head into the darker days of winter with more clarity and heart.

For yourself and for your people.

Can you feel it? There continues to be an unsettledness in the world around us. Maybe it’s present in your personal life too.

The dynamic “shake up” of unpredictability certainly takes a toll on our mind, body and emotions. If you’re experiencing symptoms of stress, restless nights or cluttered disorganization it can lead to a disrupted digestive system, it can cause body aches and it can cause a general interference with your life flow on a lot of different levels. 

The Autumn Reset provides an opportunity to intentionally change the groove you’re in, so you can clarify and align with how you want to be and feel. The seasonal change in nature is a brilliant milestone! It’s the perfect time to pause, regroup and recommit to what you value most in this one precious life.

Autumn Reset is a 14 day, interactive, on-line wellness immersion. I’ll be your host and compassionate guide. The Reset is designed to help you:

Reduce unwholesome cravings and increase nutrition

Make time for yoga, meditation, mindfulness and gratitude

Sleep better, stress less and love more


They matter and like many creatures, they respond to care.

When you’re noticing symptoms such as…

  • Body aches and pains
  • Distracted thinking, worry or up and down moods
  • Restless or sleepless nights
  • Afternoon tiredness or spaced out thinking
  • Clutter of all kinds stacking up around you

I encourage you to not “turn the other cheek” or be hard on yourself. These symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that it could use some more support. You CAN do something and that’s what the Autumn Reset is all about. It’s about using a set amount of time (2 weeks) to proactively tend to the needs of your physiology.


Change doesn’t happen passively. I tend to think that change happens with steady, consistent effort… over a long period of time. The Autumn Reset is a time to re-align your navigation. You’ll take intentional actions to get (or stay) on track with your wellness.


When you “get back on track” over and over again you end up creating the lifestyle you’re aiming for, where:

  • Your responsibilities, playtime and relationships groove together to support your highest good.
  • You are strategic with your food and wellness routines and the results impact your health and longevity.
  • You feel peace inside your own skin and confident in your choices.
  • You become an expert of personal discernment, letting go of stuff that’s unimportant and seeking out the things that FEED YOUR SPIRIT.

Let me support you in an at-home wellness immersion. The curriculum is easy to follow and there are opportunities to connect with other participants. It’s inspiring! The experiential learning starts October 17.

Our time will be about food and self-care nourishment. It's about filling your tank. It's not about perfectionism & a bunch of extra work.

Step One: is all about learning, gathering your supplies & planning your “at home retreat”.

Step Two: is when you dedicate a specific amount of time (1-4 days) for relaxing replenishment.

Step Three: is about re-integrating into everyday life & celebrating your refreshed perspective.


After the busy schedules, intense conditions and extended daylight of summer it’s important to change the game. Without a mindful plan Autumn can sweep you up into feeling as harried as a squirrel gathering seeds and as fragile as the fallen leaves. 


The dark, cold days of winter can be trying on the body and psyche. Autumn begs us get back into our homes and prepare for the winter months, it’s the perfect time to give yourself extra support so your body can replenish on a deeper level. When you do you’ll be more equip to avoid:
  • Sugar cravings and holiday weight gain
  • Unpredictable moods and energy swings
  • SAD and the winter blues
  • Gas, bloating & poor digestion
  • Eating out & grabbing food on the go 
  • Ignoring your needs for deep R & R


Detoxes, shake plans and juice fasts have become commonplace in the yoga and wellness communities. Most often the scanty food plans are touting weight loss and there’s no mention of long term sustainable change. Ayurveda and yoga’s approach to detox is different. It teaches the importance of incorporating mental and emotional care along with the food plan.

Ultimately, the goal is to make your RESET look and feel different from your usual daily game plan. The deepest, most reverent portion of at home retreat lasts from 1-5 days. But I’ll coach you to enter into this deep part with preparation and intention. You’ll exit from the deep days in a mindful, gentle way. This kind of structure allows your nervous system to stay out of stress, when the nervous system is calm, your mind and body can release.


Weight loss, bright eyes and glowing skin are not the primary focus of this detox though they will quite likely be a side effect.


Autumn Reset is all about having:

  • An annual nourishing detox that’s like an at home retreat.
  • An intentionally calming and stress reducing experience.
  • A plan to clean up and streamline your kitchen and food. 
  • Time to practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation. 
  • Time to clearly state your intentions and gratitude. 



This time you spend consistently caring for yourself and prioritizing your food scene will leave you feeling plugged-in to your flow and confident in your body.




  • Sunday, October 17, 4 – 5 PM PST
  • Wednesday October 20, 5:00 – 6:00 PM PST
  • Saturday, October 30, 9:30 – 10:30 AM PST


Access all of the course materials including recordings of the live calls. Dig in and listen to as your time allows.


 Enjoy up to 8 live Zoom Yoga classes during the 14 days of the Autumn Reset! M at 11AM, T at 8 AM, W at 7:30 AM and Th at 8 AM. If you cannot make it to the live classes a few of them will be recorded and stored on the member’s hub so you can access at your convenience. 


Listen to informative and insightful conversations between Sarah & experts in the fields of Ayurveda, Yoga, digestion, herbalism, detox & local foods.


Enjoy the hands-on, tactile experience when you print out your: workbook, recipe book, templates for weekly meal plans and daily checklists. This creates a streamlined, organized approach.


Interact with others in the group & with me too. Troubleshoot your challenges, share inspiration & get yourself the continual support ALL people need & deserve. Community is where it’s at!

Dear Friends,

I’d love to have you join us for Autumn reset this year. In this day and age taking time out to deeply restore and replenish is counter culture, it’s an act of JOYOUS REBELLION.

There’s some chaos within the state of both national and global affairs. You are the only one who can set the appropriate boundaries to protect your inner sense of calm and peace so that you can share your sweet self with the world. Nobody is going to do it for you but I can help – I’ll give you structure, knowledge and support.

Use this course to connect with the nature of the season, the nature of your body and seasonal foods. This time will soften your reactivity, soften your mindset and soften your heart. Fall in love with the beauty of the natural world and your sweet body.

In addition to being fun and inspiring, Autumn Reset is effective. My promise to you is that after these 2 weeks you’ll be lighter and calmer in mind and body. You’ll feel strong, alert and refreshed.

With love and kindness,


This is for you if you want to take your yoga-mindedness into your home and daily life. This is for you if you want new resources and routines that will bring more release and pleasure into your body. This if for you if you want support and structure to help yourself take action towards your wellness!
I have two options for the price of this course. Please pick the price that works for you, based on what you feel the value is for you, as well as your financial means.
You can up level your mind-body wellness routines in a relatively short amount of time. Feel bright, clear and easeful as a result of jumping in and getting it done!