Summer of Self-Care

Daily Routine 101 Pre Party

Ayurveda’s Take on Evening and Morning Routines

Earlier Lighter Dinners Recorded Lesson
Early To Bed Recorded Lesson
Start the Day Right Recorded Lesson

Video Lessons

Exercise for Aging Bodies, Parents and Children

A book review for folks who want to bring more therapeutic movement into their lives, and into the lives of their loved ones. Katy Bowman is a biomechanist who has written many useful books. Two of them are Dynamic Aging and Grow Wild. I'll give a review so that you can see why these are a must read for anyone who wants to feel better in their body.


Intuitive Eating and Body Positivity with Tanya Mark

Sarah and Tanya share their passion for a "do no harm" approach to health and wellbeing in a candid conversation that covers Tanya's wide range of expertise such as: Intuitive Eating, Eating Psychology and the Be Body Positive Model. Viewers will enjoy a fresh perspective on non weight focused health while finding encouragement to trust their body and their relationship to food.
You can find Tanya at:
And on Instagram at:


The 15 Minute Planner

The 15 Minute Planner is a tool and a system that will help you create the changes you desire in your day-to-day living. The cool thing about this planner method is that you get to customize it to YOU.

In Daily Routine 101 there are 3 videos within the 15 Minute Planner lesson. The videos will help you to realize your “big why” for wanting to use this tool/system. Additionally, within the 7-week course, we will have two different 30-minute group Zoom sessions where we will each draw out our planner for the week.

Below are the first 2 videos in the 15 Minute Planner lesson. Enjoy! I hope you find them useful.





Knife Skills for Summer Foods Tutorial

Most people have never had the pleasure of being taught basic knife and cutting board skills. No wonder they don’t like chopping veggies and meal prep!
The right knife and a few small tricks of the trade make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the home cook’s kitchen.
Join us for this class to learn…

  • The only 2 knives you need + one more that makes things fun.
  • 3 game changing cutting board tips.
  • Basic knife ergonomics that allow you to chop like a pro without drawing blood.

When the class is done you’ll have done a fair amount meal prep that you’ll be able to chow down on summer fruits and veggies over the next few days.

Here is the link for the accompanying document that goes along with the class.