Strength, Grace & Your Pelvic Floor

A Day of Movement, Breath, Inquiry & Ritual

Science as Ritual Workshop Series

Using Science to Connect to Your Body & Develop Your Sacred

A time of health sovereignty is upon us! 

 We believe that people experience an unnecessary disadvantage when they lack an understanding of the intricate workings of their body. Because of that we are offering a beautiful day of learning and experiencing. Let’s put our shyness to the side and be willing to study the area that’s cautiously referred to as “down there”… your sacred core and pelvic floor. 

This 6.5 hour workshop includes a 30 minute lunch break (pack your own lunch) and additional short breaks. Our focus is all about learning to infuse wisdom and compassion into your whole body self-care. Learn how to develop more energy, stamina, balance, and pleasure in your life when you attend to the sacredness of your body. 

The Learning – During our time together you will be learning about your core and pelvic floor with a presentation, diagrams to color and physical movements. 

These areas of your body are always at work holding lots of stuff up and in. If your core and pelvic floor are supported they become (or remain) responsive to quick and unexpected loads such as coughing, sneezing, jumping, falling and lifting heavy things. However, if they are not supported their ability to hold things up and in, begins to fail. 

In our 6.5 hour workshop you can expect to…

  • Gather strength, grace and confidence by getting to know your body; help it re-learn, adapt and heal. 
  • Learn how to get the muscles of your core and pelvic floor working as a coordinated team. 
  • Identify common habitual movement and breathing patterns that may be maladaptive or dysfunctional which in turn, can cause pain, discomfort and/or pelvic floor disorders.

The Experiencing – During our time together you will be invited to explore your concentration and imagination with meditation, mindfulness and intention. 

Transformative rituals start with an analysis of the space that you are in as well as the space you are moving towards. The space between those spaces can be referred to as the “threshold space”. Transformative rituals happen in the threshold space. 

Rituals are the best thing we have for crossing thresholds. Our workshop is also a ritual. Our work is to transform “a lack of understanding and connection to our pelvic floor and core” into “a felt understanding of our core and pelvic floor”. It’s a rite of passage. 

The intention is that our time together will empower us to…

  • Let go of the shy caution that can accompany your “down there” wellness. 
  • Step into the sacred wholeness of your female body. 
  • Step into the pleasure of embodiment centered self-care.

There is a space between what has been and what is to come, between who you are now and who you are becoming. Our lives are filled with thresholds… we are continuously invited to cross borders and journey into new territories..


Join us on April 22 at the Yellow Room in Sandpoint ID, 10 AM – 4:30 PM.

Who is this workshop for?

Women who are seeking an integrated experience of being in their body;

Women who crave to have a stronger core and more balance in their life as well as their body;

Women who want to foster trust and confidence from the core of their being;

Women seeking tissue and muscular rehabilitation after pregnancy;

Women who are curious about how trauma can seat itself in the tissues of and around the pelvic floor; 

Women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction that is presenting as leaking urine or feces, constipation, prolapse and/or pain or numbness associated with intercourse;

Women of all age groups… maiden, mother or crone. 

Here is an overview of what we’ll do.

  1. Arrive and step into the sacred space of our 6.5 hour workshop experience (breaks included). 
  2. Add your offering and intention to the altar.
  3. Learn about and gain understanding of your pelvic floor and core musculoskeletal anatomy.
  4. Learn and practice movement exercises that nourish and enliven the tissues of your pelvic floor and core. 
  5. Learn and practice multiple breathing exercises that tone your nervous system and support core strength.
  6. Enjoy a guided meditation designed to create an embodied awareness of what you’ve learned.
  7. Be immersed in a group ritual space, step out of the left brain and into right brain with journaling and art.
  8. Share gratitude, close the sacred space and say goodbye.

The Instructors

Sarah is a yoga, fitness and nutrition coach who runs an on-line studio offering classes, coaching and courses. She is passionate about bringing women together to create systems that help them form steadfast health and wellness habits so that they can have the mental clarity and physical stamina that they need to live a life of creativity, service and joy

Kirsten is a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Sandpoint Medical Massage & Bodyworks. She is deeply passionate about sharing the new, integrative lens of health that is emerging out of our current health-care system, which for so long has compartmentalized and pathologized our bodies.

These two friends and colleagues have been creatively developing this workshop for the past three years and are looking forward to sharing this gentle, respectful healing opportunity with you!

This workshop is for you if you’d like to learn about:

  • Your anatomy and physiology
  • What’s needed to develop adaptable muscle tissue
  • Your nervous system in relation to your pelvic floor
  • Therapeutic movement, yoga and exercise
  • Breathwork for pelvic floor wellness
  • The energetics of the womb space 
  • Developing a sense of the sacred in your body 

Your Sacred Core and Pelvic Floor are part of an intricate weaving of the involuntary and voluntary wholeness of your body including your nervous system, patterns of breathing, body mechanics and conditioned holding patterns. Our hope is that, as a participant of this workshop, you will leave with a greater sense of health sovereignty as well as a deeper sense of compassion for your miraculous, complex body.

Come join us for a day of movement and breath, inquiry and ritual!
April 22 at the Yellow Room in Sandpoint ID, 10 AM – 4:30 PM.