Reground and Regroup Online Workshop

5 Essential Tools for Self-Care in Autumn





Join us on Zoom October 17 at 4 PM PST!




What’s it like for YOU to feel “ungrounded”?


When daily life and the environments you interact with are scattered and cattywampus, it creates unfocused overwhelm.
If left unchecked, these simmering emotions can build into the flavors of impatience, worry, and fear.
Garnish that with a few nights of restless sleep, before you know it, you’ve cooked up a recipe leaving you wanting to run away from it all.


Dear one…

If you can relate, please don’t take your symptoms too personally! We’ve all been experiencing a lot of change and pressure within our lives this year. And…

In addition to the intensity of 2020 we are entering into the season of Autumn. 

Autumn can be problematic for our physiology. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn! With its gorgeous colors, sunny days and cooler temps it’s a season to behold and savor.

BUT the thing is, according to Ayurveda the season of Autumn is a set up for EACH ONE of us to inadvertently wind up feeling… ungrounded, overwhelmed, unfocused and scattered. 

Here’s the scoop! 

  • Dry and cold weather conditions can aggravate your vata dosha.
  • Pungent, bitter, dry and cold foods can aggravate vata dosha.
  • Dry emotions and cold behavior can amplify the imbalance of your vata dosha. 


Okay, wait… what’s vata dosha?

Grab a warm beverage and cozy up with us at this 90 minute, informative, and nourishing workshop. Once you do, you’ll be able to answer for yourself!


Symptoms of vata imbalance: Weakened muscles, joint pain and stiffness, DRYNESS and fragility (in both body and mind), scatteredness, ungroundedness, and overwhelm.

What you’ll get out of this workshop: Actionable steps to create less stress, quality rest, happy digestion and a fortified immune system. 

Recording Available: If you can’t join us live I’ll send you a recording that you can watch on your own time. 

The really useful thing about learning to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your lifestyle is that you’ll notice physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of imbalance more easily. You catch them when they’re small and manageable!
At that point you can adjust your activity, eating, and daily choices in a way that brings your body and mind back to a state of presence, grace, and ease.


Expect these take-aways from our time together… 


  • Realize a strategy to nurture yourself FIRST so you can be more generous with your heart and time.
  • Learn how a “stitch in time saves nine” when it comes to reducing stress and creating a resilient immune system. 
  • Begin to apply 5 different tools for the season of Autumn. When you do you’ll expand the potential for creativity in your life.

Grab your ticket! Learn how to soothe your stress,
nourish your immune system, and be more available for your people.