Sarah In The Snow
Looking At The Stars At Night
Sarah And Julia

Cozy, snuggling and sensual togetherness, this describes the time of Winter Solstice in our ancestor’s past. Hunkering down, rationing, taking stock and worrying for your own survival, this too describes our ancestor’s past at this dark and cold time of nature. Use this audio recording to brighten up your Winter Solstice and your imagination, too. This seasonally relevant conversation invites you inward to a place of stillness and rest. It might tempt you to create your own unique ritual to welcome the return of the light. 


Feel into the ancient memories that live in your bones.

Do you remember the qualities of The Goddess? The wisdom of nature? Can you feel into your own Divinity?

The opposite of dark, is light. Of the fullest bloom, is the protected bud. Of connection to nature’s rhythms, is disconnection from a birthright. If you want great energy, vibrant creativity and uplifting relationships, it’s only natural that you would need to experience their opposites. Can you recognize and sit with both ends of the spectrum?

Nature teaches us about the pulsations of life. One simple way to savor expansion, and its opposite contraction, is your own breath. A welcomed inhale. The sweet release of exhale. Don’t disown the parts of yourself that don’t qualify as “good enough”. Don’t disown your fears, nor disown your greatest dreams.

You are part of a grand cycle of nature’s rhythms. Thank you for choosing this earthly life!

Would you like to hear more? Join me as I have a playful and creative conversation with Julia Hayes from Souls Center in Spokane WA. In this interview, I ask Julia about the qualities of a Goddess and together we talk about the habitual tendencies -light and dark- that come with being human.

Cheers to the season and cheers to you, my friend!

Goddess Lore, Human Nature and Rituals for Winter Solstice

by Sarah Rusnak And Julia Hayes

If you’d like to watch the video recording you can find it here on YouTube.
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