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Welcome to the Spring Reset! We’re so glad that you’re here.

This is where you will find your course materials and live session recordings. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here to support you as you learn new things and apply this work to your life.
Course Materials

Below you’ll find links to the materials for our course. You will need to print some of them, others can be downloaded as an ebook.

When I keep ebook files on my computer I often forget about them. When I print them out, take time to put them in a 3 ring folder and store them in a place I’ll see them, I get so much more from the materials. If you want to become proficient at meal planning you’ll need to print.


  • RECIPE BOOK: EBOOK VERSION – Use this version to access links for other recipes and resources.
  • RECIPE BOOK: PRINTABLE VERSION – I recommend printing this so you can bring it to the kitchen with you, use it while you meal plan, make your grocery lists and cook.
  • SPRING RESET MEAL PLANS – You need to print these!
  • SPRING SHOPPING LIST – Print this and use it to make your grocery shopping list or keep in in your purse all spring, pull it out at the store if you find yourself there without a list.
  • DAILY SELF-CARE CHECKLIST – Use this for the “deepest” part of your Spring Reset. It’s one page, print it!
  • FINGER LABYRINTH – These are so sweet; print it, optionally you can put it in a plastic sleeve. Set it at your table, desk or bedside; use it as a method for taking moments of pause to let your mind have a break; it’s a mini mindfulness meditation. I like to set it at the table where I eat and do the labyrinth before I eat while breathing deeply, which gets me into a non stress state before I take in food.
Phase 1: Map your plan
Mapping your plan includes researching what it is you are doing. The point of research in this case is to refine your understanding of “what works best for you” and the big WHY behind your Reset. Here are a few articles for you to read to learn more about the WHY.
  • This article is all about following nature’s lead with what you eat in spring.
  • This article is all about why mental clutter needs to be cleaned up during a spring reset.
  • This article is all about kitchari, the cleansing mono diet and why it’s good for a reset.

Spring Reset Course Overview


Our Group Forum

You can access our group Facebook forum here. Our forum is private – even though you will see the posts in your regular FB feed only people in our group will see them too, all of your other friends will NOT  see these posts. Please use this forum in a way that helps you to feel connected to others that are doing the same things as you. This work is somewhat counter-culture, it’s a wonderful inspiration to be able to connect with each other, realizing we are not alone on the path. If you have a question for me simply tag me in your post and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Here’s the link to take you right there.