Spring Reset


Your focus is precious, what you do each day DOES matter.

How are your daily actions adding up to become the life you want for yourself?

Do you ever notice yourself…

  • Loading up your calendar with so many responsibilities that you genuinely don’t have time to prioritize food and exercise the way you’d like to
  • Forgetting to pay attention to what your body is telling you, let alone making choices to bring yourself into balance
  • Feeling like you’re constantly being chased by the feeling of “I don’t have enough time”
  • Genuinely uninspired with your food scene, like you just want to grab whatever is easy then eat it in the car
  • Reaching for sweets, baked goods or alcohol when you’re tired, stressed or to the point of “I’m at my limit”
  • Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning or having crap energy in the afternoon
  • Fantasizing about being outside enjoying your day more than you actually are
  • Feeling heavy and dull, like you wish you could press a reset button
  • Wanting to “begin again” with the routines you know make you feel good but struggling to find the perfect time to start

It’s a bummer, sometimes the pursuit of “health” can actually become a roadblock to the joy and freedom you desire.

I hear people struggle with this all the time, they genuinely want sustainable change with their food, exercise and stress reducing habits – but it’s hard – because, well… life. Trust me, if you have a tenancy to make healthy changes for a while but then drop the ball, you’re not alone!

These people I talk to, they crave more consistency and follow through. They tell me they want more self-control or self-discipline.

They tell me about how they experience periods of getting on a “health kick” with food and exercise but then something will happen: a vacation, a busy kid schedule, a family or work upheaval – they get thrown off track.

They’re back at square one. Uninspired to start over.

The balance of making time for life duties, family and relationships and then on top of that eating right and exercising too, can become distorted, to the point of being a mental and physical drain.

The door to self-critique opens: damn, what’s wrong with me, why can’t I get this?

When there’s no enjoyment in the PROCESS of getting healthy, it all just feels like more work, more boxes that aren’t getting checked on the to-do list, more failed attempts, more reasons to feel like – you’re not doing it good enough.

Friends, life is too short to not “enjoy the ride”! Join us for a 14 day at home immersion. RESET your ability to offer yourself sweet care, loving boundaries and simple pleasure.

Working with Sarah…. whether in a yoga class, taking her on line courses or in 1:1 conversation is really “Learning with Sarah”. I’ve learned so many things and I’ve been able to integrate some of that learning into new habits. I’ve changed my morning routine – not dramatically but strategically and consistently. I’ve also learned how to change up my food and movement routines with the seasons. Now, I know that when the weather starts to change from Winter towards Spring I can shift things a bit and the heavy feeling of Winter will begin to subside. I feel so much better using these tools!
Sherri Hately

A concentrated dose of learning will shift your attitude and actions.

What if your health routines became engaging, an honest pleasure that you looked forward to?

You’d tap into sustained inspiration. Inner strength and steadiness would be the result.


Daily and seasonal routines are key to building and embodying vital energy! When you implement routines like this, you’ll tap into a certain kind of vibrancy, leading you to engage with life from a place of inner strength. Access to clarity and creative flow will happen more often. I bet you can imagine how nourishing this can be, not just for you, but for your people and projects too.
Change up your menu up with the seasons and you’ll get bursts of inspiration to explore new foods and recipes. These yearly milestones make food prep fresh and fun, say goodbye to the monotony! When you prepare simple, nutritious, whole foods you create a grounded lifeline for yourself – and others too if you cook for loved ones. Once you establish consistent, ease-filled kitchen routines the door to “balance with food” opens up quite naturally.
YOU are the key to steadily moving toward your desire. It’s up to you to create the sense of support, playfulness and confidence to get there. Movement, yoga and exercise offer you a tremendous advantage – they help you wake up each day looking forward to what’s ahead.  Days like that add up to a gentle sense of gratitude for life in general – your creative work in the world expands as a result.

The Spring Reset is a 14 day interactive, on line and live video conference call course that is designed to fit into your day to day schedule. It’s like an at home retreat mixed with a detox. Press the reset button on your mind-body-health focus. Use this course to take some action with your food, movement and self-nurturing.

The Spring Reset is a 14 day interactive, on line, experiential learning course designed to fit into your schedule. Gain new inspirations while taking concrete actions with your food, movement and time management routines.

This experience will help you to…


This course offers a deep dive but when it comes to long term change it’s super important to look the year as a whole. You’ll leave your Reset experience with a plan to keep building upon the steady foundation that is necessary if we want sustained wellbeing.


This structure guides you through a process, shaping your health this Spring and beyond. Our online member’s hub offers you 24/7 access to course materials for the course + 60 days. Most materials are downloadable and printable.


We have 3 live video conference calls. These will guide you through each stage of the Reset! Expect to learn, interact, get questions answered and to leave feeling grounded and inspired.


Ayurveda teaches that there are specific ways to exercise during Spring. These *secrets* will get you more vitality and strength year round. We’ll have 2 LIVE yoga sessions in our Facebook group. You can practice these sequences again and again.


Use these over and over each year! Have fun discovering which specific foods counter the common imbalances of Spring. Start feeling lighter in your belly and less puffy in your joints. Avoid spring colds and allergies.


Whether you interact in our live sessions + our private forum or you’re more of a “wallflower” – no matter – you benefit from getting out of your bubble, realizing that WE ALL have struggles. Change is harder on your own!

Sarah’s multiple methods of teaching make the lessons she is sharing easy to comprehend, retain and apply. It all made perfect sense to me. I am left with all of the wonderful tools to revisit when I need to. These teachings will forever be with me and I am very grateful that my path crossed with Sarah’s, her compassion for people and life is unprecedented.

Samantha Carston


  • Wednesday 4/15 – 6 PM: Receive email instructions. Log into the member’s hub and view your course materials.
  • Thursday 4/16 – 6 PM: Facebook Live Yoga in our private Facebook Group. (If you don’t want to join our Facebook group the video recording will be posted to the member’s hub within two days).
  • Saturday 4/18 – 8 AM: Live Video Conference Call. This session will be all about getting acquainted with the structures and mapping your plan.
  • Wednesday 4/22 – 6 PM: Live Video Conference Call. This session will be all about essential body care practices for a Reset and Ayurvedic Detox.
  • Wednesday 4/29  – 6 PM: Live Video Conference Call. This session will be all about how to gently exit out of your Reset and troubleshooting ideas for keeping your rhythm.


This is for you if you want to take your yoga-mindedness into your home and daily life. This is for you if you want new resources and routines that will bring more freedom and joy into your body. This if for you if you want support and accountability to get yo’ self applying all this goodness in real time!
The cost for this hands on, web based with LIVE virtual meet ups course is $137!
You can up level your mind-body wellness routines in a relatively short amount of time. Feel bright, clear and easeful as a result of jumping in and getting it done!

Use this course to…

  • Dig in for 14 days, it has the potential to impact your entire year, even your life
  • Focus on exercise and food routines, give them your attention
  • Learn about “food as medicine” and start eating
  • Create accountability for yourself
  • Connect with others through healthy activities
  • Feel motivated and inspired 
  • Deeply honor yourself and your body
  • Lighten up, learn a thing or two and have some fun

I know it’s hard to “begin again” when you feel like you’ve been here before.

It can even feel scary to commit to something, like there’s a risk involved.

Often we’re never 100% “ready” to start. But jumping in is key because here’s the deal: we learn by doing and we make change by doing – not by thinking about doing. 

Adults are experiential learners.

It’s easy to nod our head in agreement while reading articles that are chalk full of great ideas about getting healthy, stressing less and loving yourself. It’s easy to buy the book about how to change, then let it get dusty on the shelf.

At some point we have to be willing to allow our efforts to be messy and imperfect, realizing that’s what change looks like.

Consistent, imperfect effort adds up.

At some point we need to lean toward our desire, practice courage, and step in. Ready or not, here I come. 

I have been curious about this unfamiliar, somewhat scary practice of yoga for several years, Sarah is helping unlock the mystery. I’ve finally gotten started! I’m also learning to clarify what I want for my overall health and wellness. Sarah is a totally professional Yoga Health Coach. As such, she is teaching me that persistent, small steps toward improving my health and lifestyle are the only way to create sustainable change. I’m learning that these changes benefit (not just) my body but my mind and spirit too. I’m doing it, I’m taking steps and I am honored to have her journey alongside me.
Gerri Harvill

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about my family? How do I get them on board with these food and routine changes?

You don’t! I mean, you might be able to in someways but it’s more ninja than it is direct. Here’s the scoop. Change you first – this is about you. When others see you making changes that make you feel good, that you seem excited about, they might ask – then you can share. In their minds, behind the scenes, your actions might inspire them to realize they want to make some changes too.

This doesn’t mean that if you have a family you’ll have to be making completely different meals for yourself! There will be a lot of crossover. You might want to add a bit of this and that for them. Or leave out some of this this or that here or there. When we get into the program you’ll have free reign to ask me questions up the wazoo to troubleshoot your own situations. In other words, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it and I’ll hold your hand along the way. In the meantime you at least have to start walking toward the bridge.


Q: What do I have to give up? I do want to change but I really don't want to give up anything.

Uh, well. That’s a bit of a pickle. If we want change to happen, or we want to bring new fresh things into our life, quite often we’re going to have to give some things up. But – you don’t have to give up your favorite things and you don’t have to give up everything all at once. If you’re truly set that you don’t want to give up certain things, like Sunday morning waffles with whip cream or two glasses of wine each night or chips or you name it – we’ll work with it.

My aim is to help you, starting from where you’re at right now. One approach that works for some people is to only focus on “bringing in” new things, not letting go. Everybody is different, we all have our own forms of resistance to change. When we have our 1-1 conversation we can dig into your uniqueness and find the first small steps to take, choosing to focus on what feels the least overwhelming.

Q: I'm super busy right now. How much time is this going to take me?

In theory – if you’re super busy, slowing down, cutting out a few things and becoming more intentional about giving back to yourself may be what you really need.

That being said, a more literal response would be – it depends on how much you want to put into it. Even more literal than that, you could spend anywhere from 15 minutes each day to 2 hours per day.

There will be 2 yoga and discussion (live) videos that are about 30 minutes long, we’ll have 3 – 45 minute Zoom video calls; you’ll need to schedule those things into your calendar. The rest of the “time” you put into it is self guided and will vary depending on how deep you want to dive in.

Q: What if I have dinner dates and parties during this 14 day time frame, can it still work for me?

Yes, absolutely! You can work around special events and in the long run this is exactly the point – what matters most is what you do MOST of the time, what you do OCCASIONALLY is not as important.

I’ve designed this Spring Reset course so that it has a structure to follow but so that it also has a “sliding timeline” in terms of when you start and finish. I want it to flex to your schedule.

Q: Is this a detox?

Well it depends on what your definition of detox is and again, how deep you want to take it. I’ve built into the program an optional detox but this is an Ayurvedic detox that is more nourishing than it is depriving, if you want to include this part of the Spring Reset into your experience it can be anywhere from 1 – 4 days long.

There are all kinds of reasons why Ayurveda is a big proponent of this kind of seasonal detox in both the Spring and Autumn – within the Spring Reset curriculum I’ll teach you the “why” behind all of this and of course I’ll teach you the “how” as well.

But – again – the detox part of the Spring Reset is optional! You can leave it out completely and still get a ton out of this program: you’ll be eating new spring based foods, trying on new recipes, checking out what spring specific yoga is all about, learning how to optimize exercise during the season of spring and so much more.

Feeling heavy, sluggish and unmotivated at this time of year is not as personal as you think. These are common qualities that show up in spring, letting you know that kapha dosha is out of balance.

Can I offer you a hand?

In this course I will teach you to recognize out-of-balance qualities in your body and how to come back towards your thrive, then *for next year* you’ll be more equip to mitigate them before they take hold.

Saying yes to the Spring Reset experience means you’ll be choosing and taking actions to move yourself closer to what you want for your body, mind and soul.