Yoga Inspired Strength Training

Grounded Fitness for Women Over 40

 A 6 Week Series of Online Movement Classes to

Explore the Pleasure of Building Your Strength

 Training for that summer body? Nah. I’m training for that 75-year-old body!

Who doesn’t want good balance, bone density, healthy metabolic function and resilient mental health as they age?

It’s motivating to say how you WANT to feel in your future! It’s also motivating to realize how you DON’T WANT to feel. The science is clear – the way that you eat, move, think and sleep are key to a long and vibrant health span. The earlier you focus on improving all four of these aspects, the greater the impact on your health as you age.

Speaking of which, do you know that after you reach 30 years of age you begin to lose muscle mass and bone density? It happens at progressive rate, every decade losing more! The name for this muscle loss condition is sarcopenia, its affects negatively impact the quality of life of millions of people each and every year. Many of these people are the beloved elder women in our communities. 

Loss of muscle increases the risk of falling and fractures. It can also lead to lower sex hormones, high insulin, abnormal lipids and more. The good news is that you can drastically reduce the deteriorating effect of sarcopenia by nourishing yourself. Develop nourishing food routines. Develop nourishing, consistent exercise routines – that you grow to love. Develop nourishing, rejuvenating lifestyle habits and rituals.

You CAN age with the confidence of your gained wisdom while ALSO preserving your physical fitness and strength.

Contrary to how many women were raised, the biggest reason for training your bone and muscles is not about having a better looking body, it’s about slowing down the natural process of decline and maintaining (or regaining) your strength as you progress into your elder years. 

Overview and Expectations

Attend the live weekly classes for six weeks in a row, or watch the recordings. You will have lifetime access to the recorded sessions!

September 24 – October 29

  • Saturdays: 9 – 10:15 AM PST
  • 3 Tuesdays: 9/27, 10/4 & 10/11 at 5:30 – 6:30 PM PST

Weeks 1 – 3 will focus on developing technique and consistency.

Weeks 3 – 6 will focus on flow and increasing strength. 

Props Needed

What is Yoga Inspired Strength Training?

The process of building stronger muscles and building stronger bones won’t feel or look exactly like a yoga asana practice. However, you can approach strength & conditioning using tools from yoga.

With yoga inspired strength training you can…

  • relax your mind by tuning-in;
  • focus on your breath;
  • explore body sensations with curiosity;
  • and connect to your authentic wholeness in the moment. 

In addition to the mindfulness techniques that are part of yoga, strength training asks you to do more than you can do in yoga alone, such as…

  • using resistance bands to increase the load on your muscles;
  • repeating the exercises multiple times to a point of fatigue in the moment.

Resistance based exercise (strength training) has been shown to be effective at slowing age-related muscle loss. Resistance training puts good stress on your muscles; your body responds by telling those muscles to grow bigger and stronger, which is the exact opposite of what sarcopenia does. That’s why resistance training is one of the best ways to counteract age-related muscle loss.

No matter what age you are, it’s never to late (or too early) to start. Begin resistance training today and progressively make your way towards lifting heavy weights. You might need the help of a trainer or a loved one to begin but you can do this!

This is an opportunity to train your body, to be deliberate with her. This is an opportunity to set up a sacred space in your own home where you can practice for years to come. This is an opportunity to take the strength and grace that you embody in your at home movement practice, out into your daily life.

Do this so that you can be more playful in the natural world and in your life! 

6 Saturdays: September 24 – October  29 at 9-10:15 AM.

Tuesdays: September 27, October 4 and 11 at 5:30-6:30 PM. 

8 Reasons Strength Training is Awesome For Women⁠⁠

    Improves confidence

    Builds and maintains strength⁠⁠

    Builds and maintains muscle mass⁠⁠

    Builds and maintains bone density⁠⁠

    Builds resilience⁠⁠

    Builds self-efficacy⁠⁠

    Improves insulin sensitivity⁠⁠

    It's incredibly empowering!⁠⁠


    Your Instructor

    Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a a yoga, fitness and nutrition coach who runs an on-line studio that offers weekly classes, 1-1 coaching and group courses. I’m  passionate about bringing women together to create systems that help them form steadfast health and wellness habits so that they can have the mental clarity and physical stamina that they need to live a life of creativity, service and joy. 

    I love feeling strong while I’m exploring in the natural world. I’ve dabbled with weight training for the past 8 years, in the last 3 years I’ve gotten much more consistent. As a result I have less body pain and more body confidence. I am devoted to feeling my strength and capability in everyday life and also when I play outside.  

    Who is this for?

    This series is ideal for women who want to build the foundations for a strength training practice. If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia this is a great program to start adding more strength to your weekly routine.

    Doing one strength training session per week is infinitely better than doing zero sessions. In the beginning, the amount of resistance training you need to make progress in strength and muscle mass is wildly low.

    During this series we’ll focus on making it as fun, enjoyable and efficient as possible while still being effective. 

    You can expect to:

    • receive a foundational understanding of strength training;
    • develop strong technique and consistency; 
    • receive live coaching and guidance;
    • have more accountability than a video or an app;
    • shift your focus from “becoming smaller” and “losing weight” to “becoming more yourself” and “gaining strength”;
    • develop your ability to sense the sacred perfection of your body in the now!

    Your Strength is Sacred! Allow your strong body to guide you into alignment with your feminine wisdom. For too long, society has conditioned women to focus on dieting and reducing the size of their body. Strength and empowerment can begin at any age and any size.

    Join us to gain strength, confidence and a sense of authority. Do this for your body, to support it in it’s aging!

    We’ll gather on Zoom and you’ll learn the basics of strength training with resistance bands.
    Series begins Saturday, September 24 at 9 AM PST.