Stretch Out in Yellowstone

Backpacking 101 and Yoga

About this trip

Awaken your mind, body, and spirit along the Yellowstone River. Stretch into a downward dog while the bison roam in the distance. Fall asleep to the sound of the river and wake up to sun salutations outside your tent as you smell the coffee brewing!

You don’t have to be a backpacker or a yogi to take part in this trip. We only ask that you have a desire to be in nature and welcome opportunities to explore, unwind, and take care of your body with other like-minded participants.

Package include 2 nights of front country lodging. 


August 19 – 23, 2022

$1750 p/p

Wishes On The Water — Sarah Rusnak Yoga In Spokane, Idaho
Wishes On The Water — Sarah Rusnak Yoga In Spokane, Idaho

the backpacking

In order to experience Yellowstone without the crowds, we’ll strap on our backpacks and walk into the woods. Expect quiet, stillness and the breathtaking beauty of the park!

Backpacking in the backcountry requires an amount of knowledge and gear. Our experienced guides will lend you the knowledge and the gear you need to navigate this trip with safety and confidence. You do have the fitness level to experience this adventure! Backpacking does require stamina and strength however, our trip is designed to be accessible for a wide variety of people. The hiking itinerary will be low miles (3-6 each day) and the trails are have a low level of elevation gain and descent.

If you’ve ever wanted to go backpacking but the preparations and details seem overwhelming, this trip is for you!

the yoga

The yoga offered will be accommodating to all levels of experience and all bodies. Each day includes simple yoga and joint mobility techniques to help your body warm up and recover. Our time during the trip will include opportunities for mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, gratitude, and more. 

We’ll encourage everyone to consider all the different ways your body can benefit from movement and mindfulness and you will always have the opportunity to opt-in or out of a group activity.

We appreciate your willingness to leave all expectations at the door and give into the flow of our adventure!

This trip is hosted by Sarah Rusnak Yoga and Breakwater Expeditions. To learn more about this opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park without the crowds, read additional details and register, click the link below.