Sarah is a skillful teacher. Her descriptions are eloquent and clear.  A well-articulated narrative can make all the difference between “Am I doing this correctly?” to “Ah-ha! There it is.”

In her classes more complex asanas are achieve gradually. Methodically I feel guided into “Oh, I can’t do that one” poses like Bird of Paradise Pose. Turns out, I can (safely) do that pose. Attending class with Sarah fostered a fresh perspective in my practice and sparked a renewed connection with yoga

Katie Bradish

Sandpoint, Idaho

At 59, I feel better than I did at 39. Sarah’s unique teaching style incorporates not only yoga practice but also programs for healthy eating, daily, monthly and yearly rhythms, and self awareness. I’ve been learning with Sarah for about 4 years and the results have been miraculous. I’m continually finding new ways to make conscious choices that create personal sustainability in my life. I’ve regained and reclaimed my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Robyn King

Yaak, Montana

Sarah’s Intro to Forrest Yoga series renewed my enjoyment in yoga from the first session. Her precision and nurturing teaching techniques made me feel comfortable and confident. I loved all of it and attended the complete series plus the two that followed. I would recommend these classes to anyone beginning yoga or even to those experienced who want to perfect their technique. Thank you Sarah!

Debby Trinen

Sandpoint, Idaho

​After my first class with Sarah, I was certain that my 63 year old body would be hurting the next day. Instead, I felt fantastic. I’ve taught yoga for 15 years and at this point I’m super fussy.

I hit the jackpot with her. She skillfully choreographs a routine that gracefully weaves together a breath, strength and flexibility practice. Sarah attracts both young and older, beginner and more accomplished students, to her classes. Sometimes one can have an experience with a teacher on the mat and another outside of class, Sarah is authentic on both fronts and comfortable in her own skin. She brings a lightness and fun to the class. She’s a five star teacher whom I highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring the depth and joys of yoga.

Brit Penberthy

Spokane, Washington