Time and Energy Management

I hope you enjoy this informative 3 part video series, it’s interactive and self-reflective, plus it will help you turn-on and tune-up your visionary skills.

Are you ready to name your desires, take action and make them real in the world?

Video #1

A teaching to bring more ease and flow to the processes of creating habits that refill your cup. In order to keep offering yourself up to your loved ones and the world around you it’s vitally important to get clear about what helps you to recover + shine versus what drains + empties you.

Here's Video #1


Video #2

This 2nd video will help you take what you named in the last lesson and combine them for double the fun, time and energy. You can craft a well-lived life that leads to less regret in the long run.

Here's Video #2


Video #3

What are Yoga and Ayurveda all about anyway? How can paying attention to nature help us create healthy habits? This video answers these questions. It continues the conversation we started in the first 2 videos but we’re going to bring in more of the subtle, feminine aspects that lead to the positive growth and change we crave.


Here's Video #3