Wishes on the Water

A Fire and Water Blessing

Yoga + Prayers + Canoeing and Lantern Release

Wishes On The Water — Sarah Rusnak Yoga In Spokane, IdahoCome gift your wishes to the land and water on Thursday September 2nd!

As you know much of the nearby forest is burning furiously. The uncertainty of the fires and the uncertainty associated with humanity’s medical unrest are asking us to bear the burden of excess stress.

For one evening let’s intentionally shift our stress into prayers and wishes. 

We’ll begin with an outdoor yoga session where you’ll drop into your body and attune your senses. Feel for the sensations and listen for the sounds of nature that are happening at the Clark Fork River Delta Drift Yard.

With a relaxed body and mind we’ll take some time to write out our prayers and wishes onto paper.

When we’re on the water we’ll send off our floating lanterns that are infused with hope from our hearts. We’re borrowing this elegant gesture from Asian culture, where lantern festivals are thought to bring happiness and health. They are a symbol that is said to help people open up and embrace an optimistic future.


Use this evening to be in your body and celebrate the gift of life. Observe nature’s beauty while simultaneously being with it’s chaos. Open up to receive guidance and gratitude.


Wishes On The Water — Sarah Rusnak Yoga In Spokane, Idaho
Wishes On The Water — Sarah Rusnak Yoga In Spokane, Idaho

What’s included: An instructed yoga session, lanterns, paper and pencil to write wishes and a fully guided and geared canoe session provided by Breakwater Expeditions.


What to bring: A thick blanket and a yoga mat, appropriate layers of clothing for any weather, water shoes – that’s all!


Optional: A decomposable offering to sprinkle on the land and water (such as tabaco, herbs, flower petals or a feather), bug spray, snacks and beverages, headlamp, notepad or journal.

Itinerary For September 2:

4:30 – 5:00 Arrive at the Clark Fork River Delta and Drift Yard. Settle in.

5:00 – 6:30 Intro, Yoga Session a mindfulness based writing of wishes and prayers.

6:45 – 8:30 On the water enjoying the beauty of nature before we return to shore we’ll release our lanterns.

** Bring your own gear and sleep over if you like! There are spaces to camp and portable toilets. 

I’d be honored to have your presence and prayers at this heartfelt event.

The cost is $75