Programs and opportunities for creating your vibrant lifestyle.

Whether you’re in my home community of Sandpoint or not there are options for us to work together. Programs, classes and appointments are open to committed clients. Inquire about current availability for these opportunities to expand your wellness.


Establishing a routine with yoga builds a lifetime commitment to caring for this one precious body you’ve been given. Gain flexibility, strength, balance and peace.

Body Reset

A 3 week seasonal course offered in the spring and fall, that will leave you feeling vibrant and clear. Use this time to nurture yourself with simple clean foods, incorporate daily movement and mindfulness. Clean out, nourish and refocus.

Align With Balance

A 10-week live call and online program for 12 committed women. This potent immersion will guide you as you step away from overwhelm and towards the habits that allow you to feel your thrive.

Are you ready to feel your own version of thrive?

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