Align With Balance

An Interactive 12 Week Health Transformation

Nail Your Habits | Materialize Your Desires

There is no better way to develop your passion, purpose and joy than to build a deep relationship with your own body. When you take on these 10 health focused habits you will open the door to a life-changing magic.


  • Starting each day with kindness for yourself
  • Maintaining a sense of ease regardless of challenges
  • Moving through the day connected with your truth
  • Choosing actions that support your peace and joy
  • Growing your authenticity and sharing it
  • Having more love, for yourself and your relationships
  • Feeling better than ever as you grow older and wiser

This course can help you…

  • Establish consistent self-care habits
  • Create a morning routine that fills you up
  • Navigate stress and responsibilities with grace and focus
  • Prioritize daily exercise because it brings you vibrancy
  • Develop the best cooking and eating routines for YOU
  • Embody practices that build radiance and peace
  • Maturate your unique rhythm and dance with life

No matter how busy you are you’ll start small, beginning to make and sustain real change. There’s a structure to this course but you’ll also work at a pace that’s right for you. I encourage you to have a relaxed and playful attitude about this evolving health journey we’re taking.

What you will get when you participate:

The human body has basic needs YET, you’re an individual. When you take a deep breath and feel into the part of you that is never changing, that is your UNIQUENESS. Use this course to grow your understanding of both: physiology and spirit.

For us to thrive within our fast-paced, driven culture we need to attend to the needs of our body. Yoga and Ayurveda offer us ancient, yet practical wisdom. Over the 3 months you’ll learn some of this SECRET wisdom (that shouldn’t be a secret dammit!). You’ll also be putting what you learn into practice, in real time.

Other people are key to transformation, we are stronger as a collective. When we share our experience we loosen the grip of our old limiting beliefs. When we reveal our desire to another, COURAGE naturally follows in an effort to stay true to our word. It’s a little scary but incredibly rewarding.



One 30 minute recording to listen to each week, one audio for each habit.


2 different times we’ll have 30 minutes of yoga and mediation in our private Facebook group. There will also be time for Q and A. Show up live or watch later.


These classes will be all about the “why” behind the habits, according to Ayurveda and Yoga wisdom.


Includes reading, reflection worksheets, accountability tools, pin-to-fridge tip sheets and more.


You get TWO of these. I’ll show up with my full attention, in service to you. You’ll get clear on your next small action step to move forward.


Simple, whole food and plant-based kitchen know-how. Get comfy and confident with meal planning and prep!

This is a group course with an individual approach.

The online member’s hub will allow you to access all materials at anytime. Live aspects of the course will be recorded so if you can’t make it live you can participate later when it works for your schedule.

It’s so hard to implement lifestyle changes alone. Chances are if you could create the rhythm you crave, you’d already be doing it. Utilizing this structure you’ll open up to the root of what keeps you feeling stuck. These 10 essential habits will help you to transform your body and mind. 

I interview everyone who registers for this course to ensure that this is the right choice for you and your unique journey. I want to make sure that I’m the right person, and this is the right class to help you begin the adventure of moving towards your future self. 

Align With Balance is for women who:

  • Want more play, exploration and creative magic in their life
  • Want to create a rhythm and routine with daily deep nourishment
  • Are ready to dismantle the harmful habits that hold them back
  • Are willing to name their desires and take action to move towards them
  • Are longing to love themselves and others full-on, while enjoying the precious life they already have


Fill out the application form then we’ll set up a time to talk.

These habits help you go deeper.

This is me assisting a student in a standing backback. Doesn’t she look calm and receptive? You might be able to see that I’m not doing a lot here to help with the pose; I’m standing beside her with my breathing matched to hers; I’m giving her my full attention and my hand is offering a gentle nudge on her back to help her realize how to lift up from that spot. She was doing the work herself; my presence and gentle guidance helped her to focus her own attention and go deeper.

On the yoga mat you practice putting your body into shapes while also feeling into sensations, deliberately engaging some spots and letting go in others, all the while staying connected to your breathing. It’s hard work! That multi layered focus pays off though; you learn to create an experience of feeling calm, receptive and easeful in your body – while in very challenging poses.

These same principles can be duplicated into your daily living. “Yoga off the mat” is all about learning to feel calm, receptive and easeful within your life and relationships – even when things become very challenging. It’s a practice with no end game.

These 10 habits are a method for taking your yoga practice out of the studio and into your home. They help you take your self-care practices deeper. In addition to having established routines with food, movement and stress-reduction you’ll also get a new found sense agency when it comes to your health and healing.

This work is all about coming home to your body with kindness and care, everyday. On a more subtle level this course will prepare you to hear the calling of your own heart – your “what’s next” – that’s the magic!

My heart-felt desire is to offer up support, attention and guidance to the woman who cares for everyone else. I know that when I help her fill her own cup first, the other people in her life will benefit too.

Is your curiosity piqued?

If so take 10 minutes to answer the questions I’ve put together for you in the application. On their own these questions will help you get clear on a few key aspects of who you are and what you want at this stage in your life.

From there – if you’re ready – we can set up a time to talk on the phone. I would love to meet you. Maybe this is just what you’re looking for?

Align With Balance is:

  • Open to 15 committed individuals who are ready to make their “health” a curious and fun part of their lives
  • A way to feel inspired while you create new habits with food, movement and lifestyle
  • A a group class with personalized mentorship, it offers you loving accountability, the nudge you need
  • A way to change your habits, shift your routines and open up to your potential