Align With Balance

An Interactive 12 Week Health Transformation

Nail Your Habits | Materialize Your Desires

There is no better way to connect with your passion, purpose and joy than to take loving care of your body and mind FIRST. When you take on these 10 mind-body-health-focused habits you will open the door to a life-changing magic.




  • Waking up each day with kindness for yourself
  • Experiencing internal ease regardless of challenges
  • Moving through the day connected with your truth
  • Choosing actions that support your peace and joy
  • Owning your authenticity and sharing it
  • Having more love for yourself and your relationships
  • Feeling better than ever as you grow older and wiser

This course helps you…

  • Establish consistent self-care habits
  • Create a morning routine that fills you up for the day
  • Navigate stress and responsibilities with grace and fire
  • Prioritize daily exercise because it brings you vibrancy
  • Develop the best cooking and eating routines for You
  • Embody tools that bring you radiance and peace
  • Maturate your unique rhythm and dance with life

No matter how busy you are you’ll start small, beginning to make and sustain real change. There’s a structure to this course but you’ll also work at a pace that’s right for you. I encourage you to have a relaxed and playful attitude about this evolving health journey we’re taking.

What you will get when you participate:

Take a deep breath. Bring your awareness to the part of you that is never changing. The human physiology has basic needs YET you’re an individual. Use this course to grow your understanding and discern where the two aspects meet.

For us to thrive within our fast pace, driven culture we need to attend to the basic needs of our human physiology. The ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda offer us practical tools. Not only will you learn them, you’ll also practice them in your life.

Other people are key to transformation. We are stronger as a collective, when we share our ideas, expertise and experience we become inspired to move beyond our old limiting beliefs.



One 30 minute recording to listen to each week. There’s one recording for each habit.

3 Live Stream Sessions

30 minutes of live yoga and mediation in our private Facebook group. There will also be time for Q and A.


These classes will be all about the “why” behind the habits, according to Ayurveda and Yoga wisdom.


Includes reflection worksheets, accountability tools, pin-to-fridge tip sheets and more.


I’ll show up with my full attention in service to you. You’ll show up to get clear about your next small step that gets to the heart of your needs and desires.


Simple, whole food and plant-based food know-how. Get comfy and confident in your kitchen!

Align With Balance is for women who:

  • Want to build a rhythm with habits that nourish them on a deep level
  • Are longing to undo the habits of self-critique and scarcity thinking
  • Are willing to name their desires and move towards them
  • Want more play, exploration and creative magic in their life
  • Are ready to love themselves and others full-on, while enjoying the precious life they already have

This is an group course with an individual approach. It’s hard to implement changes alone. Chances are if you could create the consistent routines you crave to have, you’d be already doing it. These 10 essential habits will help you to transform your body and mind, getting to the root of what is keeping you stuck, freeing you up to evolve. I interview everyone who registers for this course to ensure that this is the right choice for them and that I can help. 


Fill out the application form then we’ll set up a time to talk.

Let’s talk about your unique challenges and desires; I’d love to hear. 

  • Open to 15 committed people who are ready to make “health” curious and fun
  • Feel empowered as you create new habits with food, movement and life style.
  • Group momentum, personalized mentorship and loving accountability = transformation
  • Change your habits shift your routines and open up to your potential