Yoga, Crystals and the Winter Solstice

Set Your Intentions for Deep Winter

Join us at 11:30-2:30 PM on Sunday, December 18 at Embody Studio in Sandpoint ID.

Kindle your warmth from the inside out with a slow-flow yoga session PLUS crystal healing and essential oils. Use this event to bring restoration and intention into your holidays and your journey through winter.

Have you ever been curious about the healing properties of stones and crystals?

Stones can be worn as jewelry or they can be altar pieces that remind you of a process you’re moving through or something you’d like to strengthen in yourself.

The Winter Solstice has been recognized as a significant turning point in the yearly cycle since the late Stone Age; for folks in the northern hemisphere it is the longest night and shortest day of the year. The “coming inward” theme of Winter Solstice seems the perfect time to get to know crystals and stones that come from deep in the earth. 

Let’s create a gathering to honor the Winter Solstice! We’ll build an altar with evergreens from our backyard, with crystals & stones from deep earth, and the twinkle lights & candles will be a symbol to celebrate the return of the sun. 

  • Use the season of Deep Winter to restore and reset your body and mind.
  • Use stones and crystals to remember your intentions.
  • Use essential oils to attune to your mental health and moods.
  • Use stones and oils to compliment your existing practices with meditation, Yoga and prayer.
Cacao on Altar

 Here is an overview of what we’ll do….

1. Arrive, visit the altar, quietly settle in.

2. Learn to use crystals and essential oils to amplify your intention and practice.

3. Slow Flow Yoga Practice.

4. Extended Relaxation with Crystal Bowl Sound Bath.

5. Drink chai, connect with community, see (and maybe purchase) beautiful stone jewelry made by NatCat Creations.

Already know you want to attend? Don’t need to read any further?


Fruits and candles
Melted Cacao
Candles on Altar

The Ritual: Build an altar. Set your intention & move it through your body. Plan to integrate your intent. 

We can ease our stress and discomfort when we intentionally choose our steps forward. We can amplify beauty and grace in our life when we create opportunities to interact with beauty and grace.

Winter in the Pacific Northwest has darkness, low skies and cold temperatures. This expression of nature invites us to spiral inward. During our movement ritual we’ll explore the healing frequencies of crystals as well as the helpful & fragrant properties of essential oils. You’ll be given ideas that will help you to utilize these gifts of the earth as a means to anchor your commitments with yourself. 

Yoga, Deep Rest and Soundbath: Experience movement & flow. Rest in Stillness. 

Spiral your attention inward with yoga breathwork and a Forest Yoga inspired slow flow session on your mat. Your body will experience grounded steadiness, fluid movements, balance poses and deep restoration; all of this will support your nervous system into it’s relaxed state of “rest and digest”. 

For the crystal bowl soundbath you’ll be guided through a bodyscan that encourages your brain to go into a state of non sleep deep rest (NSDR). 

Reflection & Community Cheer: Journal. Refreshments. Yoga community. Gifts. 

After our yoga practice and soundbath you’ll be offered about 10 minutes for self-reflective writing. Prompts will be provided if you’d like to use them. We’ll close our ritual with a circle where we share gratitude and “beauty reports”.

For the final 30 minutes you’re invited to stay for a cup of hot Blue Lotus Chai. Many people tell me that they enjoy in person yoga classes because they get to connect with other yoga people; this is a chance for that. If you have more questions about stones, crystals and essential oils, this is a chance for that too. 

Natalie will have a table with simple necklaces, more elaborate jewelry and some mala beads for sale. Perhaps you’ll want a gift of remembrance for yourself or a gift for a friend in your life. 

Mindy Thacker
Sarah Rusnak

Facilitators for the Event:

Natalie Koster

Natalie is a student, a councelor and a jewelry maker. Her love of crystals and knowledge of their healing properties grew while she worked at the Sandpoint crystal shop, Zeropoint. Natalie is currently attaining her Masters in counseling and transpersonal psychology at Sofia University. With her dream of becoming a therapist in the works, she envisions herself using crystals and sound healing as part of a holistic approach to helping people while they discover their overall health and well-being.

Sarah Rusnak

Sarah is committed to offer seasonally themed rituals featuring sound healing, nature’s gifts and yoga inspired movement. These offers are intended to provide an opportunity for community to come together to honor their own life cycles within the cycles of nature. The rituals help people feel gratitude for the opportunity of embodiment as well as the abundance that nature tirelessly provides. The special event rituals that she offers help people to feel grateful, grounded and trusting despite our fast paced and unpredictable world. 


11:15-11:30 :: Arrive, choose your spot, visit the altar, settle in.
11:40-12:20 :: Learn the art of using Crystals and Essential Oils to set our Intention.
12:20-1:45 :: Slow Flow Yoga with Crystal Bowl Soundbath.
1:45-2:00 :: Reflection w Journal and Winter Writing Prompts.
2:00-2:30 :: Social Time, Chai + Shopping 

What To Bring:

  • Bring items of the season for the altar. Evergreens, nuts and citrus fruits can be added to the altar and left to give back to the earth. You may also bring and add a meaningful personal item or photos which you will take home with you.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate layers to keep yourself cozy as your temperature fluctuates.

**Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about whether or not this event is right for you.

**Ticket sales are non-refundable, however you may sell or give your spot to someone else in the event that you can’t make it.


This is a once per year celebration!

Join us for a Winter Solstice Yoga & Sound ritual, December 18th, 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM PST.

Only 12 spots available. Register today. Give yourself the gift of vision and intention.
The cost is $40


Location: Embody Studio – 823 Main St, Sandpoint, ID 83864