A Celebration & Ritual for Winter Solstice

Welcome the Return of the Sun with Cacao, Gong Healing & Community

Come, be generous, joyful and reverent with us! Kindle your warmth from the inside out with a Yuletide ritual and a celebration for your senses.

The Winter Solstice is also known as Midwinter and/or Yule. December 21 is both the darkest day of the year and the return of the sun. The Sabbat has been honored as a significant turning point in the yearly cycle since the late Stone Age.

Across many cultures and over the ages, this is a time to celebrate! Traditional practices vary, but offerings, feasting and gift giving are common elements of Yule festivities.

For our gathering on December 18 we’ll build an altar with evergreens, twinkle lights and candles. Guests are asked to bring a small personal treasure that they are ready to give away. Each of us will leave and take an unwrapped gift from the altar.

In addition to our altar building and gift giving we’ll also indulge in a serving of rich cacao together, it’s a delight for the senses! After that we’ll have a gentle, mindfulness and movement based meditation before we lie back to receive the sounds and vibrational healing from the gong.


Here is an overview of what we’ll do….

 1. Add to the altar by placing your gift.

 2. Welcome sacred space as a group.

 3. Share cacao and have a moving meditation.

 4. Choose a gift from the altar.

 5. Receive the vibrations of the gong.

 6. Share gratitude and close the sacred space.

The Ritual Experience: Celebrate nature’s cycles. Connect to your heart.

We feel that ritual and ceremony are important during these modern times. So, we’re creating an annual cycle of sacred gatherings (Sabbats) that connect us with the rhythms of nature while we open our hearts and minds to blessing and beauty. We choose to connect to the balance and flow of this human experience here on Earth. We’re inviting you to join us!

Use this Yule inspired cacao and gong healing ceremony to align with your inner stillness, enliven your senses and create more balance inside of yourself so you can continue to act in harmony with others and the world around you.

The Cacao Experience: Attune to your senses. Sip. Attune again.

A mindfulness based guided meditation with gentle movement and a serving of ceremonial grade Peruvian Cacao Criollo. The cacao drink is served warm and made with 1 oz of Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste, coconut milk, vanilla, and a touch of honey.

Cacao is the raw whole food form of chocolate. This velvety drink is plant medicine. It inspires euphoric states in the body. After you sip, the Nitric Oxide production in your body increases and relaxes your arteries, which allows for increased blood flow. Cacao contains Anandamide, termed “the bliss molecule” the chemical compound is associated with improved motivation and increased pleasure.


The Gong Experience: Rest in stillness.

Lie back and relax your body towards the earth while you receive the healing vibrations of the gong. The vibration of the gong offers a form of sound therapy that can bring deep relaxation and balance to our body’s nervous system. Immersing ourselves within the vibrations and of the gong can bring a serene, peaceful, and connected state.


Facilitators for the Event:

Woman with dog

Mindy Thacker

It is Mindy’s heart’s greatest desire to help others find resilience, grow in community, and tune in to their inner wisdom through movement and sound healing. Mindy’s classes are intentional gatherings to experience: Sound and Silence, Movement and Stillness, Breath and Belonging. She is available for private sound healing and Kundalini Yoga sessions. Contact Mindy at mindylthacker@gmail.com.

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Sarah Rusnak

is a Sandpoint Idaho based: Yoga Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Cooking Coach, and Personal Chef. You can utilize her services through distance learning or in person. If you’re ready to elevate and expand your mind-body health with intentional habit shifting and compassionate self-discovery, Sarah can help.

For thousands of years human beings have honored their connection to the earth, the seasonal changes, and major life transitions with ceremony. Ceremony is an ancient technology of indigenous people. It’s an inherent part of humanity’s past and it’s ancestral wisdom. It’s a way to celebrate life in all its forms. It’s a pause in time to be thankful for water, air, fire and land, as well as the plants, creatures, animals and minerals that exist on this planet with you.

The Date and Location: Embody Studio December 18, 3-5pm PST

We’d love to have you join us to welcome the return of the sun with celebration, giving, receiving and ritual. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early.

The Embody Studio is located at 823 main Street Sandpoint, ID. 

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today. The cost is $35

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